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Would you didn't even realize that you had a dome full disclosure? That's okay. Full disclosure when you said on the show about the Fargo dome. Yeah. I just assumed it was like that patriot league gag the Tokyo dome talking about, you know, Lee high playing George count the Tokyo donors stadium as Teke what's with the one in London. Oh to arena, right? So I just assumed this was another one of your. But then Kevin Brown, not the dodger pitcher, the announcer. He he said the Fargo dome is well, and so I wasn't sure if this was just like a widespread joke that I know. No, it wasn't until this week that I googled it. Right. And I sent to you on the super-secret G chat that in fact. Oh, damn they do have a dome. That's cool. That's very cool. Yeah. It seats about twenty thousand. I think I think stadium concert capacity excuse me, twenty four thousand I saw, but it looks like the football team gets about eighteen greenish. Good crowd for an FCS. Yes crowd. We were hearing tonight during curling that people will come up to head coach his climate of NDSU football in the supermarket hurriedly as we speak today. Right and Friday night. The current one is rumored to be in the mix for the Kansas state had coaching job that people come up to like good luck this season. We're saving up for tickets for Frisco. So we probably won't see you in person until then it's assuming a lot Frisco, by the way, where they play the champion the national championship. Yeah. Every year in Texas. So no pressure bison. Look past the raiders at your own risk. Because all I'm saying this is the second straight week now where an opposing head coaches rumor on the. And so it is we've been up for a long time we've been up. So what it's ten fifteen. We've been up since about what three fifteen our body time central time to know, I need to import some footage. I need to sync up some audio and video I need to sort of figure out what I wanna do tomorrow. We have the meet up tomorrow night Mars another long day. I am I'm excited. I'm gonna get some green tea too. Should you should? So while we're out here are please remind you better friends at the F O place who have so graciously decided that they wanted to sponsor some of this madness again, Dan. So please do if you're interested. It's not too late. Of course got the bull season. Now, we've got the playoffs. They're gonna start at the end of the month national championship, which I think we know is going to be Notre Dame verses. Maybe you have special new I don't even want to jinx this. I can real how was trying to be coy here. It's late on time. Tired the ass and some under armor boys is that what you? That's right. The epileptic dot com slash soliver. -able? We just actually had tweets coming in this week from people cashed in on the deal, and they're very pleased with it. It's a great product. No frills. It's the future of.

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