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Dozen people have relocated to the temporary, campsite after being. Displaced by. The four sixteen fire north of town the herald reports Durango does not have land that it's ready to designate a permanent campsite for homeless people interesting change, of tune from President Trump when it comes to Russian election. Meddling the president suggesting it could, impact his political future President Trump writes on Twitter that he is quote very concerned that Russia will try to interfere. In the upcoming election the president writes quote based on the fact that no president has been tougher on Russia than me they will be. Pushing very hard for the Democrats they definitely don't want Trump Mr. Trump said last week that he did not think. Russia was still, targeting the US President Putin in Helsinki last week said he did want Mr. Trump to, win in two thousand sixteen because he spoke on, the campaign trail about improving US Russia. Relations. Karen Travers ABC, news the White House American farmers affected by tariffs will be getting up to twelve billion dollars in government aid that's the word today from secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue who called it a short term solution as the Trump administration continues to hammer, out long-term trade Deals the bailout, will not need congressional approval Meanwhile President Trump taking to. Twitter this morning to declare tariff says the greatest, and calling the United States a piggy Bank that's being robbed Aspen. Snowmass village is, already, known for the discovery of mammoth bones and soon it will be known for, a climbing wall of mammoth proportions as part of. The limelight hotel now under construction a fifty four foot high indoor climbing walls being built it'll be surrounded by a five story glass structure the wall will become the tallest indoor climbing wall in Colorado and is scheduled to open in December Broncos rookies reported to UC health training center, today ahead, of Saturday's, training camp opening. Among them undrafted running back Philip Lindsey who played at CU and graduated from south high. School nine news Broncos insider Mike cliffs saying he believes Lindsey could make the team he seems to be the fastest guy on the offense right now I think swinging him out maybe putting them in the slot. You know case keenum show during the off season that he likes. To dump off to the batch he'll. Do, quickly the Broncos did draft two running backs this spring, Oregon's Royce Freeman in the third round in Arkansas David Williams in the seventh..

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