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You never have to go to the post office again Coli Hawaii Leonard. Last night was welcome back with open arms by Toronto in such a crazy unique way like I think about Kevin Durant remember the first time he went back to okay see. Yeah and the treatment treatment got of course he wasn't a champion either going back to okay see and he wasn't the MVP. But I just thought it was really cool. Toronto's clearly a great sports town. I'm and they want a championship last year in the NBA Finals they won the NBA finals and Kawhi Leonard was the MVP any left and they they cared but they weren't about to turn turn their back on him and and he went back in their MVP chance in the game his championship ring and then he went out with the clippers and destroyed them. I felt less fans knew the the minute Kawhi Leonard got there that he wasn't long I know there I know I mean I think I think they realize that we had a moment where we accidentally got a got the best player in the League for season. And and you know it's. It's a moment that they've never enjoyed in the history of their franchise and I think a smart fan would say we were lucky to have that. I mean because most most most players are not going to decide to go. UH-HUH POINT TORONTO. Nothing to do with Toronto. It's one of my favorite cities. But you know I mean the whole Canadian tax thing it. There's a lot of issues that so you think Anthony Ren Donald be received in the same way Do the angels to the nets. They don't they play the angels in in California this year. Only out there okay. So he's not going be back this year maybe maybe in twenty twenty one and maybe in a world series maybe in a World Series Mike Trout Anthony reknown leading the angels against a against the the nats I think he would be welcome back his sort of the same thing. I mean he was such a special player and I don't think people will harbor ill will towards Anthony Right. I mean I think people weren't particularly passionate about Anthony Random one way or the other. Well they were after October after October. They were yeah I wanted to mention in one of the thing and I know it's NBA related. But it's really not although it is I guess but you're just GonNa Roll Your Eyes. Dwight Howard played in place for the Lakers. Is this year. Did you know that that and they went back to Orlando last night and you know there was a skirmish in hoping but did you know how. Well he's playing for the Lakers and let me just point out one thing we're having what it's December I understand that I'm saying let's say for career was completely over. You know here here where he never basically played he's gone to La and he's on the Lakers and he's playing. You Know Basically fifteen to twenty minutes a night. And averaging seven seven point seven rebounds in you know block in each game each night like he's actually playing in at a really good level as a bench player on a really good team. Obviously but I just I. It's crazy like he was here. Couldn't even stay healthy. Now he's in L. A.. And he's playing great again. Give him time. We got `Davis Protons could get a first round pick for him got he's spectacular to watch I guess we've got to.

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