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If you like this topic. I've got a few digital resources to help you go a bit deeper. All of which are linked in this episode description and on the show notes page for this episode. so way back in the podcast. Fault is an amazing episode. I did with my own personal coach. Someone i'm working with right now. A woman by the name of shannon shutler and if there's someone who is an absolute pro at helping people develop a good relationship with themselves. It's her. I mean in the work that i'm doing with her right now. We're spending a lot of time helping me develop self awareness. When is my mind and my body telling me that. I need something or that. I've been ignoring it for too long. And what is that need. It's been incredible and transformative so if you're interested in more self awareness self leadership all of that. Check out her episode. It's episode number one thirty six and it is a truly impactful episode. You'll love it and you'll love meeting shannon if you're really ready to support yourself another resource we have for you. You might love our mini course self-care by design. It's only twenty nine bucks on our website for lifetime access and it uses life design to help you create a custom effective guilt free self-care routine you can go to peak mind. Psychology dot com backslash self-care to learn more about it or again it's linked in this episode description and on the show notes page and finally. I would really be missing the mark. If i didn't tell you about dr kristen. Nef's work on self compassion dot org. Dr neff is head and shoulders of by far and away the most well known and well published expert on self compassion and there is so much information for free on her website. You have to check it out if this is a topic. You're interested in or something that you want to cultivate for yourself. You have to check out her website. It is just a wealth of information. Okay friends so. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And if you did please consider leaving a rating or review on itunes or sending this episode to someone you love. Ps if someone sent this to you it probably means that they think the world of you and finally let's remember that time is the most non renewable resource on the planet. And i'm grateful to each and every one of you who chose to spend some of your precious time with me today. I'm dr april seifert. And i will see you next week..

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