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The John Kincaid Joe's good time spending Sunday mornings together, always love because we have good debate. Good conversation. Here's John Kincaid and we begin Company alive from the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loan studios. You need certainty in the home buying process with alone that fits your life. The folks at Rocket Mortgage can rocket can They say Yes, we could do that. Thank you for being a part of the show You rock and mortgage and everybody else, John Kincaid show here on CBS Sports Radio. Anthony Piano and I conducting our social distances. We have fur. Now into our you've been with the show once. Six years now. 2015 January 2015. So it's like six years around something like that. So there you go. We've been together a long time, brother. Has anyone else on the network had their producers that long? Ah, the morning show, Michael. Sam, you know in all you out That way. You We've suggested that segment. To me. You know, I did not. You did not suggest doing that segment. Is that copyrighted? That a copyrighted segment. I don't want to take anything from any other show. Nor to take anything from any other show trash Tuesday. You came up with that great idea, and I said it's a Sunday show. I would redo trash Tuesday. Put out the trash. I saw D A cooking wings on the grill yesterday looked fantastic. Hopefully you have had a really good week. But I will understand if you didn't Because again we will be the safe haven. For those of you who actually feel that life can go on. Those of you who have not decided to just retreat into cable news Corona virus mania. Or election coverage. 2020. May I suggest to you? We pass the Kincaid's pass our cable news band. By the time I join you next week, we will have passed our four month cable news ban. In our house. And we have won. Thing that we're allowed to watch, and we have even we cut out to shows we used to like He's like the five With the crew on the five and Greg Gutfeld or Ah ah, Juan Williams and that whole crew. And then the great gut felt shell. So now Greg Gutfeld show's the only thing because it is comedy. Cause I I'll watch comedy. We have been on a band. We will be on a band The 21st we will pass form. We will be at four months. And it has changed our lives. I'm telling you not watching cable news in your household. It changes your life. It absolutely brings joy to your life. Think about it. Because we lived through another crazy week. We lived through another crazy week where Let me let me just tell you Who the A C C does business with The Atlantic Coast Conference. Has their protocols for football. Their chief medical advisor that they deal with is one of the Highest paid speakers. On epidemiology in America. So you see, when experts want to talk about the subject of viruses and spread of viruses and everything, this gentleman is not only one of the best in his business. But he's one of the highest paid, like, come and speak to you and teach your organization about it. Yet I have heard people go the A C. C. They're just like sending kids to die. They're sending kids to die. They're they're ignoring the science. What? They have from the Anthony. You're pretty good with colleges, right? I mean, like, you know, I mean, you were Anthony. Your school wass. What? What school was here? I went Tio. I went to a CUNY stoy City university here in New York. I went to a city university. Yes, you haven't heard. Have you ever heard of Ah Duke? I have heard the Blue Devils. Yeah, Duke's really like. Have you ever heard? It's like a really good school? Yeah, lots more people go to like a lot of doctors go there. And you know, they had a thing called the research triangle there. We're like the some of the greatest minds in American science all congregate in the research triangle. And do you know that's where the A C C said we want to bring college football players to campus? We want to develop protocols we would like People in the research triangle to help us Yet we have people on television is going to be a CC is ignoring science. Annoying science, you idiots. You willful idiots. The A. C C is ignoring science. By engaging the research triangle and the CDC, by the way. The best mind some of the best minds we've gotten America. Well, we have a doctor from Stanford, who said here and we have a doctor at the CDC That said, we have a doctor at the CDC who said this is the Titanic. Are you serious? I mean, I saw it and I read it. I read it. Todo o thie CC in the sec. They're just ignoring science. It takes two seconds tohave an informed opinion. But you know what? It only takes one second for you to glance down at a tweet from your favorite sick offence and to just repeat it. It is it is. It is so amazing to me. How people have decided in the era of social media. To toss away their ability to reason. Toss away their ability to discuss Toss away their ability to just think maybe what I'm being told. Maybe there's some agenda to it and let me be sure to spell this out for you. In 2020 Everyone has biases, Everyone Has a political slant. By the way, everybody didn't 2010. Everybody didn't two fouls and everybody did in 1980. Everybody did in 1970. But It was far less apparent. Everything now is drawn through the The prism of again and why started with our cable news band? It's beautiful. I'm smarter having I'm smarter, avoiding these idiots. And, yes, It sounds rough on my own industry. The media The media is going down the toilet. And by the way before you think that the channel you tune into well, John's not talking about my channel. Ah, I'm a great American. I'm a great American know you're a great American know you're a great American. Now you're a great American. It pollutes your mind. And it takes away your ability to reason. And I said it to you before, and I said it to you again and I'll say it to you again this week. If you read a story About? Well, the A. C. C in the SEC. They're they're just and now the Big twelve's getting sucked into it. They're just denying science. They're ignoring science. Really? How about there dealing with some of the greatest minds in epidemiology to develop their protocols? And by the way, just so you know, I live around seven miles from it. I live around seven miles from the CDC. Let me just give you a heads up. There are brilliant doctors at the CDC and I thank God that we have them working on our behalf. Your dad. Did you remember all the talk about Ebola? When there was that Ebola outbreak?.

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