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The president in it in which is maybe survivable but very very difficult and equal leaving him no room for error there as the quote ralph waldo emerson when strike at a king you must kelli john does the democrats want to wound or do they want to remove to a regicide working want to do donald trump enters the remember what image in which he cannot have any proper american people and of course they don't want to get rid of him the base wants to get rid of the democrat liberal overpaid crazy to talk about impeachment you'll just get worse okay so in the meantime the democrats will look your screen left your people are people coalition screen or albany reward to the republican of general mixture of your car can brand the republican power thaddeus your measure is this regicide or is this cable news gangs now i think the democratic base thoroughly dislikes president trump for healthy too and i think that i think that mr fund is spot on and in dayton spent spot on it's great to have the base want to a take him out and it's the leadership would love to have that the situation turned that anger in that animus and just drive it right into wooden midterm election were they captured one of the chambers and totally stop the trump agenda and in a legislator branch david drucker cnn the washington examiner john fund of the national review online live in london thaddeus mccotter wjr the great voice of the great lakes and tried on john bachelor.

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