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A big John you're on with Taza splits up Kittle guys. Good morning. How are you? But. I mean, I think Barra's comments were joke to be honest. I mean, I'm one of those die hard. NFL fans that would have said anything after that. Saints Rams game that the NFL would have changed something with the rules even thought they would've maybe put a rule change in before the Super Bowl. So the fact that they're talking about going into this coming year, and they don't know if there's gonna be a change. I think is a joke. But I think we have to also realize the reason that that's the case is you don't have to change it. What is the impetus for the week to change? It hands are going to continue to Quebec ever, watch it. And we're gonna keep talking as we heard anything about this past couple of weeks. Now, we're talking about the draft. Of course, people people transition. Says were John, you know, this is to try to get it. Right. I mean. The main reason I understand your accent rhetorical question. I guess I mean I can deal with human error. I can't deal with boy blatant correctable human error. I mean there are times you watching game. And and there's some mistake or a human error that happens that it doesn't take out to you like your body is like. Wait a minute just fix that. How do you fix that? That's what that was. And it was in one of the biggest games of the year. And the fact that the league bell can just one of the standard veterans or the league John barrow can get up there and say. I don't know if there's a lot of support to change it. I mean, just think about that. To say that. Say that. Well, you say that because there is a. And you say that because you don't want to basically lead the NFL fans. Astray it say that there is what about job our came out and said, well, I don't know. Well, he met with the competition committee, right? You'd eat twenty four hours to bring about change so marriage to spend the truth is basically echoed that you had to begin this phone call job, which is this. They don't have any. They don't need to do anything. They've survived. The I would say media backlash. They survive the week. Log of decorative press, they moved out. They went to the SuperBowl. They played the Super Bowl. We saw the patriots. Celebrate a Super Bowl championship and people have mentally turned the corner. Right. And I mean, Mark you said this. I remember remember a couple years back where Roger Goodell salary came out. And I was like oh my God. How much can you bake something? Well, anybody could run the NFL it's the jeopardize. It's just it's it's a self sustaining juggernaut. And that's how it is take do almost anything and people are people love it. And for various reasons, I can't wait for the season to start just that's because of a patriot trip because John. Do you know? I know that you know, every I'm just curious. Do you have like a lot of Mussa's? Former quotes written down. I have actually the list of Buddhism's lurker and number one in the juices over to squeeze every time. He says that we actually have a drinking game. It's not when have like a bunch of friends. Sit around was the old moose tapes. We do. That's all. Thanks. All right. John screenplays funny. Anyway, I see his point a lot of people have frustrated because you don't want to you know, it's like you look at the NFL. They don't they could they could fix this and to just to get it. Right. But I really believe it's just like listen, they sit in a room. Like, listen, we're going to do we gotta do. We don't need to just every time. Something happens then wanted to create a snowball effect when there's a blown call. I gotta change this rule. I now we got to choose this role. And I'm not saying I agree with them. But I do think that's kind of some of the narrative that happens behind closed doors down. Yeah. I don't I don't. I don't disagree with ya. Well, I think played off that plane off with John just mentioned what he discussed which was I think there, there's no you don't have to bring about change. If you feel like you've if you feel like you've survived. Have you not matter? Everything be there's no there's no negative downturn. There's the the uprising losing the audience as a fan. That's that's right Johnson. And you're supporting they're not right. I mean, they're not going anywhere. Not in the af they're gonna watch Canadian Football League. Yeah. I mean, the af is is after additional opening weekend, which three million people. They've got a, you know, that'd be ad somebody inflex two hundred fifty billion dollars. They say say it, everything is a okay. The interest of the the heat around the talkie the conversation around the af has kind of subsided for the most part. Yeah. That is what it is as far as spring football league. The National Football League is just an app is the absolute. I look at for the National Football League. They don't have to do something if they're okay with it and their orders are okay with what transpired on Super Bowl Sunday on championship Sunday. And they're okay with what happened doubted the warlords between the Rams of the saints, if their orders are okay with it that if they can't get twenty four hours to say, I never want to see that happen again. They're not gonna change eighty. They don't care. They don't have to you know. And I get with John say, and I get what you're saying in both Gaza. Right. I totally great. Yeah. If they could just do they want an and people still be there. Hello angela. How are you, sir? Good morning. While I just get I'm the one who introduced you. Brought you into the show, and then I just got blown off while I get it. Now. What happy? Okay, sorry. I missed the joke. I'm I'm not using surrounded around funny people here. Yeah. You know, what it means? So I mean, that's what happened. You're being a douche well that happens to because they're only in a newsrooms to follow up Andrew. And you kind of sparked me here is you know, and when I walked in. I was approached not approached JJ, John jastremski. How does this list, right? Right. Yeah. Who's who was he works for Buber? Trader. You now. He's all right. Let's just get. Let's let's not get sidetracked. Let's see with me. That's a similar conversation. We had yesterday. Terms of Doha's is a lotta tests. Yeah. Well today jayjay said Hello now. Mike was in the room when it happened. Mike how loud did he say? Hello. He said it like a a louder person he did. And which shows everybody everybody to six or funny man here. And no one is. So so what happens is I'm like, Hello, John. Hello. And now what happens is I say the Mike we'll see he listened to the show yesterday. He must have heard this commentary that happened with us men here. And he must have heard that I was little upset that people won't say definitely saw moose later on. Oh, I was like oh rejoice. It's just a typical narrative. So that's why you and you.

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