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In Japan. Christmas has been around in Japan. In case, you didn't know since missionary started showing up in the country in the mid fifteen. Hundreds wasn't just a Colonel no wasn't just a Colonel. Although this predates him by a few years, then fast forward to the last century Christmas makes a comeback. Back. Thanks to KFC. So around all the same time that the stuff is happening with KFC in the nineteen seventies department stores were figuring out that Christmas could be a really big marketing tool. So they take on the tradition of decorating for Christmas. And in some cases, they hit it right on Rudolph's red nose. And in some cases, they were awful little bit one of my favorite things from the interview that we did with Russell belco that professor in Canada who can be neatly studies. Japanese Christmas, one of my favorite stories that he tells is about this Italian Christmas tradition translated by Japanese department stores and gone a little wrong. And so for example, if she in Japanese department store the Christmas tree decorated with red women's underwear, apparently they had heard or read than Italy. It's good luck around that time of year too. Have red underwear that you're wearing but they got a little bit wrong and put it on on the Christmas. Tree that I saw one of the major department stores in Asaka though. It was good luck for the tree. I can't depending then one of my other favorite moments. Russell belco talks about what which I guess, it makes a lot of sense. When you think about it? Imagine we have Jesus Santa and Colonel Sanders all men all with beards, and that leads to the potential for some kind of big confusion or the greatest crossover event in history. Supposedly one of the department stores in Tokyo trying to get Easter right? Put up across with Santa Claus on it. And so they they had some of the right concept foot that we would find that obviously bizarre. This only lasted a few days before they were told and took it down. Bottom line. Many Japanese people really get familiar with Christmas through marketing, they have appropriated the holiday says Russell Balch, but they have also totally made at their own. Alright. Well, next up, Sarah Wyman, esteem producer. What do you have for us? I actually have no idea what you're about to say the I'm excited. Okay. I have a baseball story for you in hang with me because it's actually about KFC. So baseball has been in Japan since the nineteen twenties. They have professional league. Just like we do in the US. I have questions here as a non sports ball fan. Do we play them like the? American teams say sports ball. Yes. I think every once in a while they're like exposition games, which are done just to kind of make baseball bigger deal worldwide like up the profile of the sport. But no, they're not playing in like are leagues or World Series as Japanese teams are staying in Japan for the most part for the most part. I'm with you. I'm with you. Great. So our story is about a team called the hunchine Tigers. And for the first sixty years that they were in this league. They'd been there almost since it started in the nineteen twenties. They just hadn't done very, well they've gotten close to winning the championship a couple of times, but they never actually done it until nineteen eighty five. When finally they have this blockbuster season. That's the year they make it to Japan's championship series the World Series of Japan. They beat their arch rival to get there. And it was all very exciting. And it's thanks largely to the player who actually came from the US named Randy bass. Nice. Randy bass Randy bass, like one of those names you've come up with if you're like trying to come up with an American name. He's their first basement, and let me tell you. He was kind of knocking it out of the park in Japan's league like home runs like home runs hit good four of them in this season in nineteen eighty five which just to put that in your frame of references non-sports people in queue that was one short of the record that year. That sounds like that sounds like a lot of home runs like fifty four. I mean. Yeah. It's a lot of home runs in. He becomes this kind of national hero for Japan..

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