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Hi this is the milo show i milo we're broadcasting live from our secret location in south florida now before we get on to the craziest thing that i have wanted to talk about for rick what time we've got robbie coming on robby olsen i'm joy villa's former manager and joyful of course is the the the market dress presidents advisory council huge figure in the trump movement it's just been weird watching this over the last couple of months and are finally managed to work out what i think about it and we'll be talking to robby pretty soon before we do that i haven't erection special mi russian special for you is about immigration throbbing throbbing erection special i am i've been looking at some numbers have also been nursing some news first of all the leaders of sanctuary cities according to homeland security secretary kiss nielsen who confirmed this on tuesday could be arrested americans get very frustrated i think with some justification that these this system where you know california can just announced itself a sanctuary state tell the federal government to go to hell with the inevitable consequence that um you know these places become lawless hell holes with depressed minimum wages and all the rest of it well the department phone injustice according to miss nielsen is reviewing want avenues may be available legally to force these replaces like california to comply with federal lawmakers and to allow ice to go in and do their jobs her confirmation came off to california's new sec sanctuary law went into effect on january the first severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer us immigration and customs enforcement director trump humman says.

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