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What's up everybody welcome back to a couple of things, Sean and Andrew Podcast all about couples and things? Like that all. Hope you're having a great day today we sit down with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff you may recognize the roll offs from the reality TV show called little people big world. Since leaving that show, they have gone on to do huge things including being New, York Best New York Times bestselling author does say that right Yes New York Times bestselling author of a book called the Love Letter? Life yes. We talk a lot about their kind of roller coaster of their relationship going from reality television to the social media to them becoming parents in the public eye we talk about all the different kind of job opportunities and There are so-called to work plate over the past few years. They've they talk a lot about how they're actually slowing down right now because they got so overwhelmed with all of it and reprioritising life. This is a really impressive couple I think we kind of have a similar kind of niece that we're in as far as what things we talk about honor podcasts and Youtube but I really respect these. We actually were able to join them on their podcast show called behind the scenes a couple of months ago, really enjoyed getting to know them and this was a great continuation of that Also recently, it is worth noting that they came out with a marriage journal, which is quote unquote the best the world's best communication tool for marriage, and it's designed to do once a week with your spouse and it's just a cool communication tool. For husband and wife to do together. Yes I think you guys are GonNa like this podcast. They have a lot of great insights and opinions and just tips and tricks for relationships. We even took away from and thought it would better our relationship before jump into it please subscribe this show and give it a rating on whatever platform you're listening, and let's jump into this one with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. Jeremy. Audrey thank you so much for joining us today. It's good to see your face again. What a pleasure thanks I know you guys are on vacation. So thanks for making the sacrifice. Never, really on vacation when we do a hard cast. And you're always kind of a vacation. Hardcastle those beautiful things you can do whatever. So yeah, it's pretty great weight. So didn't you guys just take a break from your podcast? We are yes, we are officially this is the first week technically that we are in break mud. So we're doing the summer off. Onto that decision. A lot you. Go. We've gone in the season. A lot of our listeners know we've been in this season of. Just starting to choose and focus on specific things and we love the podcast. But as you guys know, it takes a lot of energy man we needed to reserve as much energy as possible to make some other decisions in our life right now and we just figured. Let's say let's call the season. So we're not quitting or podcasts ending season four, four season and given it at least summer breaks of. I really respect that I have been. Really thinking especially during the corn teen were like at first we were like, oh, Gosh, we create all this content because people like need to optimism and positivity, and then I feel like about a month and a half into that we hit rock bottom show bottom. Tall. Wear. Like we got. With you. Yeah. It's it's tough and it takes a toll on. Like my mom whenever we have a podcast interview or we're about the content, it's like, oh my gosh, like we got to prepare and then like deduct prepare enough. Oh did I, miss this. Am I going to like It takes a lot of mental space does and So I. I. Respect that also in light of. I don't know how you feel about this if you've thought about this but like. Rachel and Dave Hollis that whole situation of of dim getting divorce and really total Shannon I. They were doing a lot of things that Sean and I wanted to do with the marriage conferences and and the books all about like having healthy relationships and what it's like working with your spouse and it really made me pause when when they hit their thing, it's okay. I never want to touch that. What can we do to protect that? So I respect your decision. Yeah. Thank you, guys. That did come as a bit of a shock and I personally Audran I felt. We felt this for a couple months now a or really maybe a year we've been like holy smokes we gotta start pumping the brakes and start evaluating. Four years ago we quit the family television. Show. In effort to do all this odd casting and online right books and encourage and inspire, and it's been nothing but on but it come at A. At a cost for sure as everything does. And so we're definitely evaluating right now and we shutdown always more which was a company that was based on Audrey. Life Mantra always believed the more that's within you from the three twenty and we shut we cancelled our book contract and. and. Lean back yeah. Back and slow down because it all it catches up really quickly and. And so easy to paint pictures online in with what we with what we do an often I want us as you just said stay so far away from that we want us today as true to ask as healthy as possible. Say Notice things was definitely a requirement for us right now I was Gonna ask what we were looking at the. The big news of you releasing Bursts Omitting the second manuscript book but Sean and I went through the phase of saying no, not too long ago and in my mind I was like I'm saying, no to these things are shutting the door to these things. So I can open more doors and I realized that's the wrong meant that like. I just gotTa say no and just there's something to. Be. Said about being content in half with. The Internet us. It just shows you everything. You're not every thing you could do everyone you should be everywhere you could go. It's just all of these name ships feelings in were being bombarded in the news wearing I mean that's a whole other element of the anxiety problem and it's like all day every day or consuming. A billion reasons of how we're less than. Yeah, it's really fascinating emotional problem. A lot of are used as we know is facing and we're facing ones that are like in it. You know it none of this is to say bag. We love what we do. It's awesome i. just feel like pacing ourselves worth thirty starting our family to kids we don't. Yeah. We don't take over the world by thirty five, and that's something like really embraced the last couple of months in midsummer decision. So. I mean, I don't want to linger on topic too long but I feel like we could dive into this very deep because Internet I've had a lot of conversations like this. Actually like when you're within like when you're in industry within entertainment or social media. Your job is to create so. Off Work and you're not on your computer and you turn your cell phones off at five o'clock you never turn work off you can't as soon as you turn it off, your career stops and it's such this over consuming career. We are constantly trying to think of what image you're portraying, what you're saying who you are when you go out to the grocery store because it goes with your brand and Andrew Nye have talked a lot about when it comes to a podcast. What do we want to divulge? What do we want to talk about? Because we're also putting ourselves on the line and were being vulnerable and it's almost like marital therapy but yet, there might still be open wounds like added. Now we hit rock bottom. But I do think I think it's a really complicated. It's complicated. You know time and career to be in like guy said, you're taking a step back to have perspective on the priorities. It's so easy to get lost that way. and. It's so easy to be like, Oh, I want to take over the world by thirty five. I, have to do more. We have to make more we have to create more we have to. What.

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