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At highway ninety hi Blaine Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I south we'll see some scattered storms fall back to the mid seventies scattered thunderstorms early for Tuesday then some clearing later afternoon high ninety to low seventies Tuesday night right around ninety the high for our Wednesday with sunshine I'm Jeff you know for the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. away I breaking news on the hour at the half and any time at W. O. A. I. dot com brought to you by comfort air engineering my name is my name is John wherever you are my name is Blake and for whatever reason every morning sports weather politics and entertainment we're bringing you the information through the day court and the local news the weather I wake up I turn on the radio anything going on yeah I need to know what happened information station my name is Chris and I leave it on all day long twelve hundred W. away I have you been dreaming of that new house or remodeling projects then come see the dream facilitators of bank of Clark County the best in the area three let's make it happen with housing member FDIC you wanted more cheese convenience stores you got it check out the new sheets at twenty one thrill for wind mill park drive in sterling they're fully equipped to satisfy your every craving grab a bite on the go with hot and cold made to order food choose your favorite specialty coffee or frozen drink and go nuts at the ice cream and frozen yogurt wake up with sheets at twenty one three oh four windmill park drive in store is open twenty four seven three sixty five time sheets run it down when you want a fun night out around the SI don't deal with that each the traffic and take to the river with the Potomac River boat company cruise to the wharf Georgetown waterfront national harbor in Alexandria enjoy breathtaking views of the city and zero traffic both depart every twenty five minutes from early morning to late night get out of the car and on to the water with the Potomac River boat company making Paul waterfront running through December thirty first learn more at Potomac River Boko dot com.

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