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Top twenty number sixteen tonight at seven PM at Ridley athletic complex, loyal greyhounds play host to Georgetown nationally, big game number ten Cornell is at eleventh ranked Syracuse now your exclusive WCBS Weather Channel forecast. Rain to slow you down today. We do have a slight chance of a shower this afternoon. It is a warm afternoon eighty today. But tomorrow, we're dry, we're cooler, it's like April again, sunshine, sixty four Thursday. A few clouds sixty five the high Thursday, I'm Kerry Speth from the Weather Channel for talkradio. Six eighty WCBS brought to you by Chesapeake home services. Just home services wants to send you to Dover downs by a qualifying h vacs system or tankless water heater received two tickets to the race on may fifth. A Chesapeake home services dot com. For more information at the Peabody institute of Baltimore, seventy two seventy and Frederick reporting. Ten thirty four I'm Michael Philip hallie, six eighty WCBS news. Business network's stocks opened lower. American Airlines says its first quarter will be impacted by the partial government shutdown at the start of the year, and the grounding of the airline seven thirty seven max fleet it cancelled nine hundred forty flights because of the max planes being grounded American shares opened down more than one percent. Bank of America is raising its minimum wage to twenty dollars an hour by twenty twenty one Bank of America. Shares opened lower analyst at Wedbush expressing optimism about apple shares opened up half a percent. Bush says apple has been discounting iphones in China and demand is picking up their win resorts is looking to expand in Australia, the casino company's offering to buy crown resorts for about seven point one billion dollars. Wall Street Journal says discussions are at a preliminary stage win shares opened down more than two percent with the FOX business report. I'm Jimmy Kosolapov. What if I told you there is a way to step into another gear for your brain and be much sharper more focused, and prove your memory to.

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