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Until the end of last year when without warning. It mysteriously disappeared from their website. Presumably now tesla determined. There's no longer any need to provide extra comfort blanket that peace of mind to that potential buyers but riven will. They are in a very different boats whereas tessler of ten years had stopped. They need to convince their customers. There's no risk so ford and then a backing revision of course but they haven't delivered a single vehicle yet and the needs to assure that customers that they have a way out if anything goes wrong or if customers even change their mind because let's face it there's nothing really to lose for review and if a customer to deliver a truck which would be kind of weird because these buys have been queuing up for years and if somebody did say hey i want to complete refund you know what reviewed have got a queue out the door. So they'll be able to sell to the next person but yeah. They're doing that to persuade people that. There's no risk at all in buying arabian. I didn't know they had to. It's a smart move as well if anything just to give people out to the peace of mind one of the great things about tesla as well but you know i've said many times over the years they are no longer. The plucky startup are no. They aren't yet the incumbent tesla kind of going through the difficult teenage years where they don't know quite what they are and that's that's not good no bad. That's not by the way i compliment or insult but can't get getaway anymore by saying. Hey we're just the newcomers with learning how to build and there was a concert. What we've been doing it for the last time two years so we should know better. They are in that weird of weird phase. That i mean yes. Bhai market capitalizations. Is that bigger than all the other major carmakers added together. Probably but certainly by volume. They aren't but they can do heading towards a million vehicles this year. So it no longer the plucky upstarts and ravina and that is a useful place to exist for reviewing it gives you time buys you a bit of slack next. We'll talk about one of those names that has been around rather long. We'll talk about porsche. And that plan to build a navy battery cell factory in germany that speeding up my -bility drive and now they've got plans for jam. Factory the point of the factories to build sells for trick vehicles the c o. Good oliver bloom and he's been talking to a german newspaper now according to what. Somebody's of these european comic because Looking to reduce that dependence on the asian manufacturers as they ramp up production of and they will have to meet tough environmental rules in the european union their fines based on the amount of co two their entire fleets emit say fleet. I mean all the cars they sell a year. Porsche will purchase eighty batteries from that parent company. Volkswagen group play plan.

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