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It's crazy and we got to speak to elisha would last year that's one of the things i mentioned name i said it's just i remember seeing the faculty was the first time that you were sort of playing a bit of a grownup compared to the kid stuff so i remember you through everything and i remember every magazine having your face on it and i remember seeing you absolutely everywhere and it was also movie movie movie movie movie with all kinds of people all kinds and so it was what i loved about seeing penny dreadful was that i felt like look at us look at us grownups grownup i totally agree on up hardly but yeah it just it's as you have you you feel like you know someone a lived with them but you've lived with someone you're such alone time it's that same thing of people who are on tv shows like friends the reason you feel like you know that cast is because they came into your living room every day and so when they're actually on tv's effect direct connection begetter in someone's still seeing your name or when they said to us would you like to have josh on the my immediate response with all my god that would be so cool this is crazy it's it's such a weird experience to look back and actually registered the time sure so much so much has happened personally so much obviously i'm a father and and so i've lived in so many different places since since that time and i was just a kid you know it was just getting out of high school didn't expect this to be a long career and or career at all.

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