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Now, 23 After the hour here on the D. J. V program, I'm first to check in with Jake Kushner. Ladies are interested in all of these things. A lot of stuff is is well, we got a lot of things brewing, and I have another fabulous question. Or later on the the essence of what we're doing right now to catch up. Bring people up to date people who have expressed themselves what do we have there on Facebook and Twitter and The social media that we follow J. Oh, yeah, well regarding Doug, if you should continue to sell my pillow products or not dub able, believes every person should be entitled to their opinion. Ellen Griswold loves my pillow products and thinks the show should keep them as a sponsor. Summer, Jenkins says. They, uh they encourage. You don't toe not cave in to cancel culture. If you don't want to endorse my pillow anymore, based on your own reasoning, That's one thing. But don't let the opinions of other sway you. Uh, so yeah, Pretty much the majority of people regarding my pillow products They're saying keep going. Keep doing it. Yeah, we are going to keep going. I just I thought it was very interesting. Yeah, I got a bug walking across my senior. Excuse me. Um, the, uh, Theo essence of, you know, kind of what America is about. Is to you know you can. You can be a jerk. You could be stupid. You can be wonderful. You could be beautiful. Everybody should have some kind of equality here, and we're not getting that We get people push one of the story. And then later on this hour, we're talking about a guy up in Buffalo, whose program got pulled was a political talk program and I'll tell you why. It wasn't what you would think. But it is so they cancel culture thing is a dangerous is really tell people they can't do business because we don't like their opinion. You know, I may not. He might not be my best friend Mike Lyndall. But if he wants to tell the story, I believe I'll actually take money from anybody wants to tell the story unless it's something that promotes something that hurts people. Like smoking. You know that kind of stuff that I wouldn't but you know the stuff people need to tell them. Remember, we had this whole thing with Walmart. Remember that Jennifer? When I was they pulled the spots off because I said What I thought, you know, I thought it was not them. I thought it was McDonald's, but you know, it was more money. Yeah, well, MacDonald had a problem with them to let me think about it. How did you offend McDonald's? I said I would have never been there in my life, and some company is just I was on a bunch of radio stations had just signed a big deal, Marty, either. I guess you shouldn't maybe can have sponsors where you've never been there. Well, I don't know. It's just one more often. It's the stations to do it. Then you know the people that are it becomes. The E. I don't want people to tell me what I can say. So if you want to, you know it cost me $86,000 with walmart thing, But then they came back with. Seems it was okay. But you know what's not? That's not the American way. I don't think it is, anyway. All right. More questions being answered right after.

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