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Yeah he gets more stuff more cat so you get all the livestock houses. It's the biggest example of his rocker. Faith pop so he really. Sarah kind of suggested but he follows through he could. Yeah he could have said no clearly. Yeah matter preserve suggestion. He so he has. You know the the key for this kid come and they don't have and so the the crux of the promise. Yes draft ascendance. Yeah you're right right He has a child with sarah sarah's slave hagar and ishmael so that's the biggest biggest one. Yeah exactly so you say in the sermon that because of the ways that abraham fall short and you do lump in the i you about all of this character flaws kinda wrapped but the ways because of the ways that fall short. You think it's incredible. It got stuck with him. Yeah pushback on that. Isn't that exactly what got does it is but curse i all these stories that are read. It still blows me away. That god is so patient and so committed until faithful to time and time again. And i know this i know. This is central to god's character the nature of god. But i still as a human. I'm just like man out apiece out all right. Never mind so it just it always just blows me away so i don't know so i agree that i mean i mean god called me and you gotta use imperfect people all the time and it's Speak for yourself. Getting scott as our guest i phone a friend scott's her husband i mean you could start with i mean the very first human beings were imperfect and then then looks ends up turning out okay. abraham's obviously imperfect but. Just go through the line and the only the only truly imperfect character in the bible is jesus. Jesus who is the only there are there are all of these flawed human beings. And i think that's the thing about grace and so okay.

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