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Well obviously. Did you say that the man who's the one about the tunnel we did. We actually yeah. I've been through that tunnel before. Yes tour of a weta workshop tour but the tour guide who actually looked and talked a lot like michael caine he Drove us all around new wellington and showed us some of the sites outside of weta. But we went through that tunnel and he told us about the hogging. And what did he tell you why why happens. He i'm sure he did. I don't i don't remember the top behind. Can apparently the reasons they people honk in the town was because when was built and nineteen thirteen i think One of the workers killed his partner and buried here alive and the rubble of the of the of the tunnel and so the honking was to go stanton. And that's why people in the tunnel the time. Oh i just love it because it'd be around really cool. What does if you'd like to buy every day to go to high school and it was like lovely slash horrific. When you're trying to watch. Kevin dogs so i go in the you know who said women who passed away interesting any other stories. Oh yeah i've got one more story This is a true story. That could go steepest. Cassie episode in the season when we had that tea potty ghost that was a massive housing dollar which was like had become derelict in so we managed to get it for filming. And we've been there on on on and will we be tomasa which is an of woman to the house to make it okay. Kinda kit Insight we is This woman what she had no idea what the show was about. Half and You know there's a woman but she's really happy with what you're doing and we were like okay. We add and they made up. Had privacy earned the house before it'd become deal and it was a theater like a well in theater. Acta who was integral faith spin and who loved loves the ass and then creativity and stuff like that and so she was. She was obviously teach. Say that this came to a head saying open aware of and then we got another story from the. I'm an electrician tuned up to the half before we filmed to make sure it's okay and size and iran. Poo you know. I've been to the have the march on. There's like a woman inside but she's not living men and he's a. I've not done the do but she's just she's not coming to do and since true stories like i'm not i'm not making it up. Yeah until the he's just hit too late but okay that tomorrow but there was no one been in the house for twenty years but he was lights on it was woman he saw in the half and the woman in my peninsula and she was like they're filming a tv show at my house. I have plenty up. you know. That's amazing he was waiting for her cameo right..

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