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From the E. you are gathering in Brussels to discuss the future of the Iran nuclear deal Iran has now broken the initial agreement as they are in reaching uranium over the levels that were agreed upon at the same time Iran's president is saying that they're open to dialogue with the U. S. but with several stipulations WBZ's Jim McKay spoke to CBS is Pam Falk at the United Nations in New York about where the current state of the dialogue is when it comes to dealing with Iran's really interesting Jeremy right on the money the European nations tried to throw their diplomatic way behind is rapidly unravelling deal this is a meeting in Brussels trying to rescue the pack from collapse now these are the twenty eight European Union foreign ministers trying to get the deal saved you and secretary general here do you when if you made a point of keeping it going but the more sanctions that the US has imposed especially in the oil sector has rapidly gotten the Iranians to be somewhat desperate the US blames them for a series of attacks in the Gulf of Oman on commercial oil tankers of course they admit that they shot down the US drone and right now as of late last night the Iranian foreign minister arrived here in New York and is coming to the U. N. but on a very limited travel ability in other words what the US gave them instead of the usual diplomatic you can go twenty five miles some diplomats can go wherever they want but a nap is sherry countries they can go twenty five they gave him six blocks so we can basically go from the Iranian mission to the UN and so he will be meeting at the U. N. speaking at the one this week probably Wednesday in the meeting was simulant officials in and that's coming as you say is to run as soon if you lift the sanctions arounds presence well that's a little bit you know putting the record cart before the horse so far the US is concerned in in just to speak further on those comments saying that if they lift sanctions and rejoin the nuclear agreement which I think it's a you know a safe bet that the trump administration is not going to be doing that does the US have any sort of game plan to move forward with dialogue or they just going to kind of sit back and watch this thing president trump said we will happy to talk as long as they stop the day of their nuclear activities so part of the issue is what the trump administration president trump during the campaign you can perform this president said this way and this is a good deal which most of the countries involved Britain France Germany the European your Russia are they all know that it wasn't a comprehensive deal it didn't deal with a lot of other things that it needs to be said that the world community needs to deal with Iran on by it was the best deal they could get in and stop the nuclear program from going forward so what president trump's it is they want a better deal and he believes the sanctions are going to push your land to come to the table but it it's a rant and it's very it looks at this moment in time very unlikely that Iran will come back on the US terms so it's a bit of a stalemate again that CBS is Pam Falk from the U. N. in New York it's seven oh eight and time now for Bloomberg business news those who have a lot of money wrapped up in burritos are doing great shares of chipotle are at a new high the company has come a long way since food borne illnesses shook up to boat like customers and investors beginning in late twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen a new CEO from Taco Bell started to turn things around the rest of all streets also breaking records the Dow up twenty seven points nasdaq up fourteen the SNP up.

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