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Of the slump in and we'll be finding me they wanted to game before I came here. So we got a. You know, we had a better start today. And unfortunately, got a five minute power plant scored to and we weren't able to claw back, but. I think we'd better get I think if we don't we're gonna win most nights. So we keep going and you'll find a way to put more than two goals. Kill off power place. Obviously happened for different reasons. But you guys face a five minute seven hundred dollars. Title. I mean, I think last night was seven hundred twenty seven minutes. So I mean, that's. Seven-minute power play in a five minute tower. Piranesi kill off and scored one in Nashville to tonight. So I mean, it's a long long long time to kill him after killers have been doing a great job, you know, blocking shots in the. No getting pucks out. And I think our kills been greatest longtime to kill him a chance. Team. So unfortunate. L things happening. Those fast not really sure what the head. I mean, obviously there estimated decision. But that's the way it goes. And hopefully, we don't have to kill such long thanksgiving. Not just two goals in two home games for Dylan's Strom so far to power play goals in two home games. Now like everything else regarding this team. Let's see if they can carry it over onto the row with a more solid performance. We have to give you a break and some news headlines as well. And when we come back on the other side will finally go through the highlights of this one and check the rest of the NHL scoreboard that after this. I'm seven twenty WGN the holidays a time for family and friends. Well, your local Chevy dealer wants you to become part of the Chevy.

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