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This is fresh air. And if you're just joining us, my guest is Emily blunt who stars as Mary Poppins in the new film. Mary Poppins returns. Let's hear you saying, you know, I heard you saying I in the film adaptation of into the woods, the Stephen Sondheim musical which was adapted for the screen by rob Marshall who also directed Mary Poppins returns. And he so good with musicals. I mean, he also did Chicago. He's extraordinary. I mean, I think he is the only man for this impossible job of taking on the next chapter. Mary poppins. Yeah. It's very it's very hard to do musicals on film. I think yes. Somehow easier on stage. I'm not exactly sure why maybe 'cause stage there's nothing it's not realism worse and movies. You kind of expected to see some sort of realism though. That's not even true since there's so many superheroes Inci fine. You're you're exactly right. But I think the thing about films say everything gets terribly intimate, and you are sucked into a world that has a sense of realism. You're not in that precede Mian arch nature of watching a performance on stage. And I think that that's his great skill is making sure that it's not sort of embarrassing when people break into song it can very often. Be like oh God. Why are they singing, you know, well in this? He really has a knack. He and the composer Marc chairman and the lyricist Scott Wittman for kind of talking into songs. So like Salil you talk your way into the songs the character of Michael the father talks way into his song. And we're going to hear an example of that on the song. I'm gonna play a song. I really like it's called. Can you imagine that this is your first like your first day with the kids they've been there all really dirty, and you're preparing a bath? None of them want to take a bath. But you put these like magic bubbles in the bath. And then you're taking out, you know, all these magical things all these magical toys from your famous carpetbag. Yes. Throwing them into the tub, and then even more magic happens. But anyways as you're doing all of this. You're singing the song. Can you imagine that as you're talking to the kids? So here's my guest, Emily blunt from the soundtrack of Mary Poppins returns, John. You'll right. It's good to know your bright for.

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