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And so I think it was a mistake to keep it in the lab for too long not promoted enough in. I I don't think I really started picking up promotion of it onto the fall so until October which is Q four of this year. And I think I was a little bit nervous to really put myself out there because I was so comfortable working with my students with, you know, getting them results in the group that we founded our private community. Our live coaching calls. And I was content with that. And when it was time to really share it with my audience realize that shirt, more broadly realized that not everyone knew about it. And not everyone knew what was going on. And it was something that I launched in January. So there's no reason why not Tober people don't know that the Kayla side-hustle pro has a podcast celery. So I would say that was a mistake and something that is I'm completely revamping. And that's why have been so open with journey in the last few months to let people know like here's what's going on. Here's what's under under the covers that you know, my big project that I've been working on. And here's how to become involved. So if you're interested in learning about see podcasts accelerator, please head over the side house, appro dot CO slash live class. And that will keep you in the know for the next time the doors are open, they're currently close. But that will keep you in the know. So that. You can be notified as soon as the doors are open again. I never want my audience feel like I'm hiding stuff or you know, that that they can't be a part of something that I have going on. So again, I would say keeping my podcasts. Exhilarated under wraps for too long was a mistake this year, and it was exclusive for real for real. But now, I want it to be more accessible. So I am really making sure that I'm intentional about promoting it. And all of that third mistake I made this year doing too much on my own on someone who is set in my ways. And I like things done a certain way, and that makes it hard to let go, and though I talked about this in a few entrepreneur diaries episode. It's still something I'm working with at work in through just being used to doing everything on my own because it does hinder progress. I think that could be thinking more creative creatively. If I spent less time. In the weeds of the administrative stuff, and my inbox. However, it can be hard to let that go. And on the same token with that my fourth mistake was with hiring. So hiring his hair Riveria hard. Hiring is one of the most challenging things I've attempted to do this year. And some of the mistakes I made with hiring. It was picking the best candidate from the pool rather than the best candidate. And that is my fault to in terms of I needed to make sure that I spread my job announcements and openings on legitimate platforms. Not just put it out. So my group like I needed to cast a wider net. And my my first goal was always would love to work with black women. And of course, I'm gonna put it out to my audience who is primarily made up of black women..

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