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Season. On the beach step in on the beach. Yeah. Making beans. Remember when the door bell, you the ring. That's my Sebastian. Is that his best bit? I think it's his most famous, but for sure. Yeah. I love that. It speaks to me. That was terrible. I should've stopped. Okay. So a few a few bonus. If you want to call them that Anthony Davis related questions here. And then we got some other ones. First one is from from Twitter at T as in Burg. If eighty gets traded to allay, what number would he wear since LeBron already has number twenty three thirty two on the hang on that now. Thirty three. No, no, no. Yeah. No numbers. You can pick from LA. I saw photo shops AD and a Laker's uniform. It always seemed to be him in a number twenty jersey or a number forty one jersey forty-one was his his AAU team in high school. He did where fourteen for team USA. So right. That's forty one. Yeah. So maybe that forty one I can't think of elven Campbell. Yeah. I don't think so twenty I guess isn't either? I don't know why painting with twenty. Yeah. So probably one of those forty one seems like the most. So you know, you like seventy six or something? Shawn bradley. Seventy six what here from at step back tree? If the pelicans hold out Anthony Davis until he's traded does he still play in the all star game? He's basically representing the pelicans, right? Yeah. That's where that's where he unleashes. Tony davis. The perfect time Davis. Yeah. That's tony. Davis. Temple. Yeah. He sort of interested. He'll still play. Boy. Would he know? What would I say got to say you play? Yeah. Traitor the coaches lineup of maybe it'd be like Craig Hodges when he wanted have like the pelicans NBA players show. She. Good question with mellow back in the day. Right. This was when the trade deadline was still after the all star game. And he was getting possibly traded in New York. And he was gonna be an all star starter for the Western Conference. Right. Yeah. Whatever happened. Well, what happened with Iverson? He played for the played for. Yeah. What was that one from that? He he he may to the peace very early in the season. Since I was wrong nuggets any plate. Yeah. For the Western Conference. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty sure. That's right. So the corn rose year where he shaved. They maybe. Ten or I think ozone abo nine. And it was someone looked at he'll play you think he's going to face course, gonna play. Out of that. Guys, the Anthony Davis trade or requesting a trade got me thinking, this is from Connor in personal stralia. He's been having a fantastic year. But he hasn't really been in the MVP conversation due to his team's poor record. But if eighty got traded to a team that he then helped improve and brought from say a fringe playoff team to like a top three seed would that instantly make him a contender for the award? Yes. Yes. Yes. Interesting though, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. He's also on is basically asking if the pelicans were top three seed would he be heavy? This is a situation. He goes to the blazes. I think you know, let's say he catapults them up the four The seed four seed right now. right out there right there. The other day now, right? Today. So that's why I'm not sure matters in the west, right? Didn't say the places you'd have to give me I'm trying to think of you don't even pay the Hornets. The hold on. Traded to the Hornets for Balik monk Q wrenches. Zeller? Baotou Kidd, Gilchrist and him Jorda him and Kemba team. He takes them all the way to the top three. Yeah. Okay. Maybe he's in the conversation. Oh, yeah. Wins it. But he's there next one from at Kappa Koro all trade talks are focused on Anthony Davis, but what other bizarre trades would you like to see Kappa? Coral rights, I love JR Smith to the Spurs. They can use more shooting. And I'd like to see pop yelling at them that or any multi trade scenario that lands Chandler Parsons on the Knicks. Don't do that expense. Already bad enough. Is there any I guess bizarre trays or destroy up traits that you guys are hoping for it to happen here before the February seven three deadly. I would like to see Ben Simmons yet tried it to the fund for Russell Westbrook. So we have Westbrook and I'm on the same team..

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