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Blocking access to websites for commercial reasons not necessarily ideological censorship but the result might be the same are we really likely to see that that's unlikely because it's going to inspire a huge outrage the american public and that's because people won't have a choice but to use the internet provider that is you know doing such nefarious censorship uh but you know what we are likely to see though it which does happened in other countries in his actually legal now in the united states will probably likely to see it happen in a much more pronounced in escalated way are things like mobile providers offering free access to certain apps representative rokon khanna tweeted a picture of what an internet mobile plan in portugal looks like uh and that's because in the eu they do have net neutrality rules but they don't have rules against a process called zero rating which allows like a mobile provider or your your your cell phone internet provider to not charge you to access certain websites so you buy the internet there for you phone you can add an additional package it says once stir internet has expired you also get free access to you know spotify or i tunes or apple music or something like that or you that's he by the streaming package and after your internet is used up you still get access to net flicks that's not a neutral practice and we might start to see a lot more of that that means that those telecom companies are essentially deciding who gets to be in that bundle of you know apps that you only have access to and who doesn't and that's basically going to drenched the power of those already popular apps so april if big companies are going to carve of the internet into a series of apps like you predict does it also means that somebody is going to come along and have i don't know freedom net they're gonna market the fact that they have unfettered full freedom access to the internet mike just by that it'll be great if consumers could vote with their wallet in that case right so that say they don't like the fact that at t is uh you know speeding up access to.

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