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Has to be a singular something about that one day i was riding my bike which is every day which i intend to be doing here in a little bit there was. I was rounding a corner in their resist boy. That was maybe ten years old in stepped off a curb in was facing down. The street in there was a school bus bench. There that stepped off in the backpack was kinda hanging really low on his shoulders. You almost officials on the ground is looking like this and I wonder why is he so despondent in. I saw that there was a school bus that he missed. All the kids have their noses stuck against the back window and there were waving to him laughing. And i realized that he got left behind and therefore hewas so despondent. Because you've got left behind man there's nobody to share a life with. There's nothing i'm here by myself. I'm insulated nice located in a in a realized that's like primal fear. That's why we're addicted to the phone. Because we we don't answer something we're getting left behind and it will get line. We've missed the school bus. We're not going to be loved or like we're going to be insulated an isolated. We're gonna be ostracized from the group. There's going to be nothing left. Just a dark gray tunnel that we're stuck in for the rest of our life. I realized that that's the primal fear and so again that's a human mindset deal right human mindset. I'm afraid i'm gonna let behind. That's not a champion mind action. It's not but yet it's primal. We would expect that because that's high-speed fast in the weekend bank and everybody's got their four it meets the criteria fomo is a perfect human mindset scripture. So that's what i see in one of the things has to be reconciled in life is you're not gonna be able to do everything possible and nobody's got a crystal ball and there are many points along the journey that i've already figured out.

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