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No I feel like I wouldn't go there learn bridge for a year in live in Paris like go everywhere travel around. God. That sounds amazing. I know in eat a lot of food. Okay. What haven't taken the time to learn about I haven't gotten the time to learn about my family history just my ancestry like I really keep saying I'm GonNa do it I'm GonNa make a family tree I. WanNa learn more about seven routes. I'M GONNA learn more about my grandmother. I just have not taken the time to get to know my ancestry yet completely what feels familiar my mother? My mother feels familiar like her just her that's a beautiful answer. Wendy. Feel generous when I see that there's a need and I felt like, why isn't anybody fulfilling it like the idea of being proactive? That's Yeah Yeah. So we take, what does your perfect day look like? Oh Man My perfect day is waking up on a beach. What time I want the whole thing. Okay. So waking up in. A room facing the beach straight I'm basing the water here the ocean. The wind like the ocean air is like coming in out wake up I order like pancakes in Bacon maybe some fruit some Orange Juice Sarah? Yes. They like artificial kind. I don't mean to be the edge mental. Yes. We're done I'm sorry. Kinda they get like the one from wholefoods whatever that one is not like the Corn Syrup with additives you go to the tree I go to the trees take my little hammer. Cords their stuff. I heard about that. Now is Yummy but then I got more expansive in my by out just wanting to be more healthy. You're right though it's that comes down to what you grew up with. It's true man what's accessible? Yes. Like I grew up with best foods mayonnaise and I am such a royalist. See I with Helman's and when I came out here, I'm like, what is this? And then waking up and then maybe doing a prayer in meditation and walking at this new thing about walking in. So I walk every day and listened to a podcast and read a book sitting on the beach eat lunch I like to chill like when I go on vacation, my fiance loves to like do things he's adventurous and he's like let's go I'll plan everything and I'm like dude, all I wanNA do is sit right here and do nothing read a book. But Teacup is that because? You have a three and a half year old or have you always been that way? Yes, it is. I have a three and a half year old and also I'm always literally at a meeting pitching something my brain is always on but before pre all this I like hiked through Nepal I went to Sweden for three as just because at my friend relate, let's go. So then how has this experience been prio like have you been able to slow down your brain are how do you? Know hasn't been very frustrating than in like where do I focus my energy when we're confined, it hasn't been frustrated because I feel like work has given me an outlet to like have some sort of structure in doing something you know and like actually executing some things which has been great with the great balances like I am never home this much. So when it first started, it was like you're staying home again you're here like more and then it became like normal. So it's like both I can do both. It's like there's no driving time. There's no commuting. So it's like that cuts out aloud time. You know once I'm done with all the stuff I. Go see my child and we're spending time together now it still exhausting because then I have to like cut myself in many pieces of like okay. Just finish work all day. Now you gotta go and give my daughter, and then after she goes to bed, you know my fiancee wants to like be next to me talk and I'm like I don't WanNa talk anymore unfortunately, he gets like the end of the stick where it's just like I'm tired like the peace with you. It's just like not talking is amazing. You know and I had to kind of train myself also to. He to be given something like he needs nurturing to in he needs love and he needs to speak in all those things. So it's just trying to balance it. You know I don't know how much is balanced but yet trying to figure it all out I'm so with you and I haven't and I don't know if I will I don't either and it's going to be balanced ever. Yeah. For me it's felt like almost getting off of the hamster wheel. Go through days where it's like. Well, what's it all for? Like? We're working on these various projects that I'm really excited about sometimes. Yeah, and then I'll go through dislike cliff of I'm just like diving down like well, what if this never ends? Can we live right and so it feels like, is there pointlessness to ambition right now? Oh, to go through those dark things but then I'm also like this kind of an amazing time my family. Is Safe Yeah we are fortunate enough to have resource yet. I spent more time with people that you know with four people betting ever that I really fuck you love. Yeah, I. Do believe that however we come out of this. That I'll look back and be like would a concentrated interesting time and I'm so glad that Oh my God i. was able to spend more time with your family in attempting to rewire myself a little bit. Right Mike when are we gonNA ever have the time to go on road trips like this like my family myself nick in eloquent on great height the other day, and we were just like, when does this get to happen like let's try to enjoy for thank God. We've been saving we have resources and all that stuff but like we've just been taken advantage of like things that we don't get to do ever like this is experience. Yeah and I sense some myself that it's starting to really reframe maion sense of La consume like do I need that bag? I don't know if I needed like I used to. And it feels really liberating in a way I. Love that just even like doing stuff around the House that you wanted to do you know completely crafty stuff crafty stuff in like fixing thing I'm so bad at all of them, but somehow I'm still kinda doing. Nick.

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