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Wpn men of domestic Kind of location champion But also he was the twenty twenty one poker gras main event champion and was named the gulf coast player of the year at the second annual gulf coast. Poker awards a joe. A bear is joining us once again. Here on the bernardi poker show. We had him on a just a few months ago because obviously he was talking about his win. at the w. sap main events the one that was ten thousand dollar buying two today's online and then the final table live at the rio Talk a little bit about this next event you you go down to harrah's new orleans primarily Because now how far's effort you that's kind of your whole home casino right. I moved in our some of our women coming to louisiana. So so you know that this these awards are going to be given out They're they're asking you to come. It's the main event. They are announcing the main event awards throughout the brakes. Which i think is really cool. That they did that Did they leave yours till the end months of yet. Yeah so so. That's on friday. Do they have multiple flights for the main event they had. They had four flights one. Thursday one friday and to saturday perfect. So you played on friday. Didn't go as well right. Didn't goes well. I play thursday night as well. I i made it to the final thirteen or fourteen busted right before the bag. And i decided to complete friday right before the zion actually didn't they didn't say to me. They told they told my wife that i was getting it. Like bill is like i'll tell them. Don't say anything to get it. And i want to be there was there. Yeah i just got back. Vegas i just got back on the twenty ninth from vegas so got it got got where you're playing some of the the bracelets as one of the bracelet events in some live venetian events so young and obviously lebron's events but it was. It was a rough trip. It was you know. Soccer is up and downs..

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