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This is very difficult i'm trying to get through this is very difficult as a father it's very difficult later officers received a call from dr frank parretti of the arkansas state crime laboratory medical examiner's office regarding the fatal incident the doctor reportedly stated that the toxicology report for the child showed that he overdose from ambient and other overthecounter cough medication choose me excuse me please if the child ended taken to the er on two separate occasions for overdoses on tylenol pm and liquid nicotine more than a year later and the records show that the toddler made the statement with witnesses mom you gave it to me to drink why did she still have custody of the child and why wishing are already in jail and why now why now does she get one hundred twenty days in in jail for killing her own flesh and blood hence somebody help me here this is horrific i don't want it i mean 501 four 300 nine two it looks like to me she murdered or baby and she's only going to have to do four months in jail and pay ten thousand dollar fine four years old mommy you gave it to me to drink what part of this makes sense to you 501 43 300 nine to uh by the way i love the taught to attorney jeff rosenzweig and maybe maybe he can help me understand.

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