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Me if you're watching live on YouTube, please smash the like button like your brain and Davies. You have consent when it comes to the like button you always have consent, so please smash we thank you in advance. Dead leg. You know, one of the weird things is thinking about this last night. About the sport of college basketball is that some of the most interesting off the court developments. They happen right in the middle of the Internet like tournament so they get overshadowed because we just, we don't have time to deal with them, talk about them, but it's been a week now. Since Bill self at Kansas, when his second national title, unless you're like really into the transfer portal, things have slowed down in the sport considerably. So now we got plenty of time. And with that in mind, we decided to spin this episode, reviewing some of the coaching hires and discussing some of the biggest moves that might, in some way, in some places reshaped the sport. If you've got northlanders coaching changes track or bookmark, you likely know two things. One, it's a 19 minute read. What do you want from me? I got a gift capsules on these things. There are 54 coaching changes. Of course it's a 19 minute read. Christmas. Now, hold on though, it has evolved. If we went back three weeks ago, this puppy is a sweet old 9 minute read. Oh wow. It changes. Don't worry, I'm gonna give it another edit, I'll try and get this down for you GP. I'm gonna try once Elon fills its spot by the end of the week, which I expect to happen. I'll try and get this puppy down to 15 minutes for you. It's fine. Like the little bitty capsules are fine. I just wanted to goof on the fact that I did notice when I clicked on it, it is a 19 minute read. The second thing you probably know is that there are 13 new coaches in what we generally regard as the best 6 conferences in college basketball. It's a 5 power conferences, power 5 conferences, plus the big east. It breaks down like this. That mod is the new coach of butler, John Shire is the new coach at duke, Todd golden, new coach at Florida, Mike white is the new coach, Georgia Jerome Tang, new coach at Kansas state Kenny Payne. New coach at Louisville Matt, new coach at LSU, Kevin Willard's the new coach at Maryland. Chris jans, new coach at Mississippi state, Dennis Gates, the new coach at Missouri, shaheen Holloway is the new coach of seaton hall, Lamont Paris, new coach of South Carolina, and Sean Miller is the new coach at Xavier. Dead leg, let's start with this question. Of those 13 new coaches at new places in power conferences. Which one will be doing the best at his job three years from today. Three years. Okay, so we're not trying to predict like, you know, let's go ten years into the future and who's done the best. We're just trying to get a look three years into the future who will have done the best job. And it's all relative to expectation, reminder, as we get into this, because there's a lot of parish. There's a lot of really intriguing hires. I go back to two months ago trying to figure out, trying to predict what jobs would open, what jobs wouldn't looking at candidates. And at the time, thinking, all right, what kind of, what kind of coach in candidates are out there for these jobs? Is this going to be a deal where we have, you know, 7 or 8 jobs open in the power conferences and there might be one or two interesting names, but there might be just some hires that are made that you're kind of like, eh, that's not the case here. There's a ton and I am including Shire, you know, to duke, even though we've known he's the deal. He's actually officially he's taken over in an official capacity as the head coach in the past week or so. In fact, just as we started this podcast, a meal Jefferson was as expected promoted to assistant coach at duke there. Three years from now, I think relative to expectation is the important thing. If you want to say overall who's done the best, I think your three biggest candidates are Sean Miller Xavier, that butler and John Shire at duke. And the reason why I would say those three is, well, you take a look at what Sean Miller and thought have done. Each of coach 17 seasons, Sean Miller's won 73% of his games, that modest one 74% of his games, that matter has a 24 and 13 NAA tournament record is obviously made in national championship game in multiple final fours. Sean Miller has made multiple elite 8s as a 19 and 11 NCAA tournament record the last time he was at Xavier, Xavier was in a tent school. He went one 20 and 47 there. Overall, Sean Miller's won 422 games, Thad modest won 439. From a pure win percentage experience standpoint, coaches that have been at those places, which is obviously a trope this season. You've got familiar faces returning to places they once were. It's them. And then as John Shire, who seems to be dead set on landing every imaginable 5 star possible from now until all of eternity, because what I got two calls from coaches, one in the ACC, one outside the ACC and a power conference in the past 72 hours. And one coach specifically called me to say, John shyer is recruiting right now at a level that Mike scheff is the head coach never did. If you look at what he has done in the 2022 class on the 23 class, it's insane. Now we might see, I don't know if this is going to be the case. We might see a case where Nolan Smith by virtue of having left duke to go to Louisville. Maybe we see one or two do commits, go to Louisville. I don't know if that's going to be the case or.

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