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In Gilroy the visuals began we are we are people who were at the garlic festival on Sunday night are still trying to grasp what took place I am grateful to be alive could have been us were that close Steve Bartman CBS news Gilroy California correspondent Janet Chamoli and has more on the young victims of the mass shooting among the dead six year old Steven Ramiro playing an inflatable bounce house before being shot in the back doctors deliver the grim news to the boy's father the song he was in critical condition that they're working on him and then five minutes later they told me that he was there thirteen year old Kayla Salazar was also hit by gunfire during the attack she would have celebrated her fourteenth birthday on Saturday you're going to a festival like you never think that you know you're going to come back home without having a loved one twenty five year old Trevor be was the oldest victim a recent college graduate enjoying the festival with his girlfriend as his verbal assault on a black congressman simmers president trump heads to a place of history in Virginia today CBS the Stephen Portnoy's says some who plan to attend an event there now won't this celebration of Jamestown will feature a symbolic joint session of the Virginia General Assembly to honor the first meeting of representatives there in sixteen nineteen but key Democrats say they'll skip the event due to the president's participation the twenty members of the Virginia legislative black caucus say they'll boycott because of Mr trump's quote degrading comments toward minority leaders and his use of quote racist and xenophobic rhetoric the first of two nights of democratic presidential debates takes place tonight CBS's ed o'keefe was on the road to Michigan's motor city well I might change in this country it's got to be big structural change.

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