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With a guy like uh brit more or training who that's a very don't know answer that i will find out tomorrow but he only guy seeking of seeing when they like bring women into a sports radio station guys just show up at an actually i have not fish you have you think what da's the woman with rac all the time that was at night though vow the night that all relevant your life there was nobody in the building nuclear though i come saying there's nobody there there is nobody there anyway like at eight o'clock at that you've seen a radio parking lot at i already niveau too there's no with the partnering shows exactly what helped ball rally leaving the parking and i i love it i i used to think okay you want to be enduring that no no you ought to be were nobody's here all much other no one's limit on the record the bosses aren't listening every once in home we get a little bit of trouble with actually better for me in the could wear whatever you want we use radio i'm going to do anyway when at what used to be our sister station just town hall here down the all talk station that how i used to be on all the time we actually went through and it was a year or two i think wasn't an anti where we had a cohost that they limit up from providence home every day is the former survive yana right the editor hatchard hatch what he was the no us in the morning all their leader had it wasn't wasn't the how we station was this frequency was gas station but it was one is not as half of that lie dfm at them yeah is that the guy from yeah of react shuttered hatch they used delivery man as he went like the first one at the limo him in from providence every day and then limo him back to providence was worth it i know the raise he did not pull rating right out let me get by the way a real guy.

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