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Like you are J. J. Juliet for the night is seven fishes Christmas Eve that I'm some people you don't even know of their life issue of allergic kids okay will pay but you'll probably be meeting people that you haven't met either in a long time well maybe if you look at their Facebook posts from last year you look at it you look at them this year and you say what happened they look Sean dished will yellowish will sickly then all of a sudden hush hush much much did you know they Mabel was diagnosed with throat cancer or did you know Phil yet skin cancer that's what he's got those those mandates all over his face right now be NO one like finishing anything should I offer advice and then somebody else is no my doctor the best stocked a and I feel like saying that person that's not to say she is cool call on her school con and see how many people are still alive in aren't in a pine box celebrating Christmas six feet under pushing daisies not what you gotta do is you have to say look I understand can't to the big city but you got to see doctor Gil lied to me if nothing more just to get a second opinion because when it comes to surgeons they just want to cut it out and their attitude is give me a third chance and it'll be the charm yeah right war others who want to chemotherapy you within I have ventured taking a dirt path it was done to get leading man who brought overt stereotactic body radiosurgery to America a month of Sundays ago let me give me caught in the ninety five will be celebrating Christmas he had four spots of cancer on his brain they said he'll never make to trump inauguration alive what do you have stereotactic body radiosurgery which meant that there was no cutting no bleeding no Anastasia he didn't spend the day in the hospital for that now he since fallen right busted is arm had to stay in the hospital for that but not for brain cancer now you think you think wow that's taken out some really important people Joe Biden's son John McCain they had the traditional approaches Joe Biden's son had chemotherapy John McCain had surgery considering two one two choices such two one two judges give the information to that person hopefully they follow up and set up a sit down with doctor Gillian and is located at thirty eighteen Broadway he takes most insurance is Medicare and Medicaid for you cancer treatment choices its stock to get lead him into one to choice radio seventy seven WABC entertaining and informative Saturday the second two nights in Miami drew eleven million viewers last contest held in Georgia Candace pull punches and took pains to complement rather than attack one another its audience with just six point six million compare that to the Big Bang theory the popular CBS sitcom that attracted an average weekly audience and seventeen point three million normally would see the field narrowing the stakes are higher people tuning in to.

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