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I think that's really. Yeah. Handful. Not too many. But but but enough for it to be okay. Oh, maybe something here. And then, of course, the rest is history. So it may be season where it's just a little bit late, and he may get a Weeden he may get a podium, and that might be enough to sort of glimpse into the future and Chinese the twenty twenty twenty. years down the track. Right. Yeah. She's going to be it's going to be repaid season is already saying. The next you fit like increasingly substantial ERO changes next to you. Now, you change the front ring a little on everything changes. I think they'll be in podium contention. But I didn't think that I feel like we're is going to have a season next year. The in not huge gap between the front runners in the midfield. Nobody racing. Nobody else season you say that. And that's this is this season. We had that we had that huge gap. Because none of the all of the really great drivers, minus three protests. We're in those six spots though. Like there is I think that one of the big things about this season was that there were none of the world's best drivers even Fernando Alonzo could be in a position to run the kind of strategy that January cutting might be out of have at Reynaud. He's like, you know, and I am actually going to be out to make these ties go long, I am actually going to be able to make the charge that that you know, that the commentators always say this is the last ten laps. It's going to happen. And nothing happens. January cutters are kind of driver who actually could do something with that. And and go no I'm going to be out of qualifying lap. Seeing for the last twenty laps and ruffled some feathers the driver you win. One in the midfield because he's not going to chase down the front runners. But he's obviously got the ability to pull off some great overtakes. And he was given take a year think a few days ago midfield is so tight. Opportunity. Yeah. Where's red bull racing? It was not that much opportunity for them to do very much overtaking me see that. We're very much for most of the season at the back of the front. So we're we're pessimistic about Renos hope. So what do you think about investors hokum big? I think this is. I mean, this is a secretly or quietly huge tests for aqap. Hoping burgers proven to be down any MC years ago because he'd been doing nothing, but once palm go out of the car. See we know is good and has seen offsides fairly confidently. He just raises his game. When he's got a bit a driver in the other car. Now, he's got one of the better drivers in the other car. He will be rising. He's game. And now we find out how would hokum really is to be evenly matched. And then we'll go. Yeah. We're probably right about both of them Oman or the other will do better. And we'll say what we were wrong about that other gods whole time along the whole time. He was all hype. We were wrong about hokum beg the whole time. He was all high Arkan newbie with a Vissel sort of Saint footing. But whether for pauken big dry daily before like, he's already. Wait you saying hokum? Beg is the Weber Renis. Yes. Contrary to. Yeah. Be fusing Sarah Ricardo would be the vital. I bay wake me. But that's where I think the the dynamics gonnit lie. Interesting. Have these moment. But what did what did run a show down your Ricardo to make him? Do that. The big difference. They used apple pie ges. Nice nicer device in Dan as a sort of a cool guy. These guys easing tickets to the to the Yeah. Irish. I reckon. They just showed him the car and said max is not in it. Yeah. Look at you look at your teammate max, it's not him. In terms of hang on the sixth the first IFOR foods. I know you've made to Brian Taylor. So maybe as a as a West Coast Eagles support. The car may not be. But it may be blue and yellow blue collar Renna. But what did he say what we say? They might make he's called back in the whistle..

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