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Accuweather 4day forecast here's meteorologist john feerick but this live report we continue to keep an eye on wednesday plo radar here and there are a few showers and thunderstorms lined up from the hudson valley near newbury back to the southwest to do was sussex county new jersey and also a couple of downpours now moving across uttar to new jersey and they're going to continue work off toward the so we all the shower thunderstorm a few spots here in the first part of the evening little clear out later on this evening in term more comparable data 66 and midtown sixty its suburbs beautiful for the barlow you've middle east ally 83 deducted joy reid sunscreen though mostly clear tomorrow night sixty eight though not all that eu but monday's loves to clouds i five where he met tuesday with a thunderstorm of the area of the seven then clouds and sun for wednesday high eighty five right now to party to partly sunny down to sixty six tonight mid to america accu weather is john feerick new york's weather station tend to ten wins news time 513 and ohio prosecutors facing pressure on both sides while he decides whether to try for a third time a former police officer accused in a raciallycharged fatal shooting then university of cincinnati officer ray tensing who is white killed unarmed driver sam devote who has black during a traffic stop two years ago dancing was charged with murder and manslaughter but two trials ended in hung juries is attorney has asked the judge to acquit his client meeting is scheduled on the case in two weeks the prosecutor can ask to retry the case secretly deal or drop the charges wins news time 514 you're listening.

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