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Pre-series favorites to win. You would expect that. Perhaps at home insurance sixty five can get eleven divided on the draw into twelve to five. Go there and get the victory adventitious winter. Milan won by two goals to one back in October. It's very hard to see how the dynamic kit is going to affect this one behind closed doors scraps the home advantage taken away. Perhaps but you just can't undermined the importance of people. Not being into seen professional players. We become creatures of habit. Yep and there are certain things that you expect to have on the stadium and he came like this used to be full to be back before with energy and intensity and and so that adds to the value and the importance of the match for you as a player. You feel it. You feel that intensity you feel let energy when that's not there then you have to create it yourself. And he's still very difficult to do. It's it's unrealistic. It's not what you're used to and yet it's an critically important match for both teams in particular for enter. Even though it's away from home I you just said it may be an opportunity because there is no crowd for you to generate European intensity your own energy and win a game that you need to win to keep up. They are in danger and you may say well. They have two games in hand but you still have to win those games. Those are not points in the bag already and so they are in danger of losing contact with lots and potentially if they lose this game so inter even though they're away from home they need to and if you were Juventus this is the moment. Would you make a statement. This is the moment in which say you know what? What's your pretenders here? Yeah this guy's they think they're gonNA catch up. They're not going to cut you know. Where do we San Fernando? We have the players. We have the history. We are the team to win Even with an empty stadium I think this is all about Juventus and this is all about Cristiano and another big moment for data. Not just big old. I listen authors being equal. I think event but to those very points. No fans in the stadium no atmosphere you've got a group of players who thrive on on that support that whom support and and that is.

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