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Well he can trust Jimmy to spill coffee on a cop so that might conceal the guys notebook and see what he has and Jimmy assessed. Some point like says to Mike at some point throughout this caper. Like how did you know that that I would do that was going to do it? Yeah and Mike. Just kind of looks at them come on. I don't know who he doesn't even need to know the word slipping Jimmy to know. He's slipping exactly so and this is I mean. This is obviously a central part of the show is people's various levels of acceptance of WHO? Jimmy McGill is a chuck called it out from a mile away right and chuck new at his core. What he wasn't chuck was so obsessed and so dedicated to the moral correctness of the law that he never wanted Jimmy anywhere near that. He wanted to keep Jimmy under his thumb because he knew he was a chip with a machine gun as he said when he became a lawyer. Kim I think is at a different level of her acceptance of this and we see that throughout this episode we see for example after the beginning of the episode. Tracker Dogs. Mr Acuras later Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy on the balcony and so happy there's no Mesa Verde tomorrow and Saul Goodman. Just had his best. Jimmy says and Kim doesn't say good for you. She says good Saul. She doesn't want to really accept that they're the same person and it isn't there yet for her and it's just I am. I'm struggling with this to be honest. I'm struggling with having a lot of sympathy for for Kim and this was a really good episode to expose that a little bit. I don't know so. Let's talk about Mr Aker. Kim Kim situation is what that she she is working for these pro bono clients but she still has. The master's voice is Mesa Verde like they're the pay the bills and when rich Schweickart her boss at Schweiker and cokely calls and says Hey Kevin Wachtel from Mesa Verde really wants you out there. You have to drop everything you're doing to drop the good cause and go out there and it's just already played the card where she's like fully ignored that and help. That did not go over. Great so she she. She's like run out of being able to do that. She can't do that right. Yeah so then she goes out there and it doesn't go well with Mr Aker. It doesn't it doesn't end to me. It's so so this is where they are right now and this problem where. Mr Doesn't want to leave the House. And he's like the only person who's holding out. Is this the same plot of land that she and Jimmy did the big ruse a in? I think it was the penultimate of for where they go and they switch out the blueprints and everything like that. Is this the same place? No I don't think he is That was for that was in Lubbock. Maybe but that was specifically for a different style of one particular bank basically Kevin Wachtel had noticed that a particular design of bank was doing really well and getting better foot traffic and he said Hey. Is it too late to go? Change Design of this other proposed bank and page from Mesa Verde said yes it is and she wanted him to back her up and Kim did but then Kim Jimmy of course Did what they did to change it. I don't know how we never saw how Kim was able to explain that to page. By the way that felt like a loose enemy that page might ultimately become. Cognizant of what Kim is doing my td on that but this is a different. This is just like a neighborhood. That they've essentially bought all the properties out of that. They want to build a call center in not a bank specifically and there is the one the one holdout. I do think like where I was going to go with. It is still thematically linked even if it's not like directly linked to where we left him in in the end of season four is. She's been taking on this pro bono load because it makes her feel better about herself tragically even if he gets many of the details wrong. Mr ACKER is not entirely incorrect about his assessment of Kim. Wexler that she is taking on these pro bono cases I think in large part because she's good at it. Sure a but the being good at it means she feels better And she also feels like it takes some of the moral stain off of what she's doing With with you know the big bank work that she is doing for Mesa Verde and you know a brooding people's lives like Mr Acker and doesn't matter that Mr Akers a bit of an ass clown which he absolutely is like know the way that he's talking to Kim very uncall- but like she gets it from the perspective of this man who is being asked to completely change. Dramatically transformed his life with no real say in the matter that he's been like actually ordered to do this in a court of law now at this point and all he's GonNa get or it. Is You know you know fifteen thousand dollars or whatever. It was eighteen thousand dollars. I think you can buy a mansion with the pool. You know he's not gonna be able to do much with that so she's doing good work for certain people but her. The bulk of her income is coming at the expense of human beings is coming there. Is this Karmic toll. That I think is is weighing on her. And especially when she's taking that home with her and all she can do about it to relieve the stress right now is to throw beer bottles into a parking lot alongside Jimmy. She doesn't realize that like she's she's Party to somebody who is also sort of spreading that level of destruction with his own work with with with Jimmy and I think that there's probably like some base level at which she understands that. I think that she knows she's like she's one of those people who's like she's too far into the process that to unplug. You know to to to walk away from what she's doing. Both in her intimate relationship with Jimmy and also in her professional capacity with Mesa Verde would be to completely be like felicity chopping off off her hair in the beginning of season two. It's a radical makeover and it's nothing to do Antonio and I understand why she feels like she can't. I think that there is some level of Stockholm Syndrome to these altars at which she is in service. But I thought that this episode pushed the ball. As far as what we were talking about in the premier recap of imagining the scenario where. Kim Is back in her small town. You know she she goes home. You can see like from these interactions with Mr Aker. That like even when she goes back to him to try and help them pick out a house and like maybe we can do this together. I will take off any day this week and help you move in that. Still not enough that she she may get to a point where even separate from Jimmy or maybe like sped along by Jimmy but maybe not unlike the massive blow out that we're thinking but it could still be of low at we're thinking feels like you know what screw off this. I am going to chop all the hair off and I'm leaving New Mexico and I'm going back home and I'm going to fight the fight for the little people you know and I can imagine that and I think this episode pushed her in that direction. Which is something that you want for her. If you want Kim Wexler to survive better call Saul definitely there. She and Jimmy are both in in many ways Struggling with their of being the guy for this They call in the Hammer. They call and Kim Wexler to talk to Mr Aker. Because she's the one who can get things done and pages so happy when she snaps at the Guy Kim snaps at Mr Acker and Kim says something that she could easily be saying to Jimmy or maybe to herself. You don't get to make up your own rules. Put your big boy pants on face reality. No one's mistreating. You here is what she says to Mr. Acker and page says like you ended it. That's what we needed Kim's the guy for this I mean that's what they did from her and she. Jimmy are at similar place by the end of the episode. Where Jimmy's not happy about being the guy for what he was. The Guy for In Kim is not happy about being the guy that she was she was the guy for so they were very much in that same place throwing beer bottles at their anger and at the world. So you're right to say and I think we talked about this last episode right that you could foresee a circumstance where Kim leaves the story that she leaves behind everything New Mexico. She goes back home. She does fight for the little guy on that. Maybe she does come back into contact with gene at some point in the modern. Or let's say post breaking bad time light on the show. The black and white timeline. I could see it happening and I've always thought it's a possibility so I I do agree that the more the Kim gets into this position where she has not happy with Mesa Verde and her role in the world and the more the Mr Akers of the world. Call her reader on this Completely just everything that is bad about how she feels bad about. What's happening? I think the more likely we are that she could take a powder and get out of town. She is she. Jimmy both are fully cognizant of what the show. I had an episode titled. 'cause sunk costs. They have both quoted the sunk cost fallacy. And the idea that just because you pursued all this thing our pursuit all these things that you have to keep doing it essentially continuing your behavior That Because you previously invested all this time and effort. That's I think a lot of what Kim Wexler does not. Just what Mesa Verde? But of course with Jimmy is well and but there's this other side to it and this is where I have less sympathy as I do think that she has enjoyed The pushback I think for the first time in this episode whether it was sincere or not we actually really got a full accounting of why Kim may be the way that she is with regard to fight the power and we got that with the story that she told to Mr Aker about how. When she was growing up she had moved from house to house and sometimes in the middle of the night own. Any say blue brilliant performance it was. I'd never to be understated. How brilliant What she is doing with Kim is but if it had been Jimmy McGill delivering that monologue. We've seen it wouldn't have been sincere. I actually think there was sincerity. There I think ultimately what ACA realized is that you know you're set. You're being sincere but you're being sincere because you wanna get what you want in the way that you're doing this you're allowing yourself to show vulnerability so that you can get what you want in. That is a form of manipulation. Whether or not you're sincere about how it made you feel or not. It is a form manipulation. And you're trying to build a bond with me so that you can get me to do what you want. I don't Care Lady I don't care who you are and I don't care what you're doing and I think that was really difficult but for Kim. The the motivation has always been questionable. Like I said she was the one who got really excited by the CAPER. They pulled with Huel the Kasahda caper. They pulled with. You'll last season where they started the fake letter writing campaign and the phone calls from Louisiana to get you out of the legal trouble that he was in and she that was the most passionate I've ever seen her be with Jimmy when it worked and then she said let's do it again and that's when she did the Mesa Verde thing so she I think the part where I'm a little more sympathetic for Jimmy as she's looking down on Saul Goodman but she has always enjoyed these capers. I and she has in fact that the legal rules herself on occasion and I just don't know where her real looking down on. Jimmy comes from except for say on some level. I think she's looking down on herself. She's looking down the decision. She's made she's looking down on The the sunk cost That she is pursuing with Jimmy McGill. And she realizes she she should be doing better and she has said about. Me Verde for example. What did I do? I made like a state bank into a regional bank. Big Deer like Oh so great you know so. I get why she's upset about this. It does make me wonder like what's the snap moment like. Where are we headed with her? In terms of leaving town or in terms of Hogan's in terms of someone snapping their fingers in half the population of the better calls disappearing and Eric Lee balanced is all things should be just as blind yes. That's exactly what I mean. The thanos thing that's happening now. What I until. Heisenberg shows up. Anyway. Just look we. We had been wondering what would push Jimmy to become Jimmy. Miguel Saul Goodman to become essentially Salka character. That was the central question of the first few seasons. Were they are now so I think the question now becomes like what happens to Kim? Wexler in this in this time line where Jimmy is Saul Goodman that pushes her out of the story wide as Jimmy Assault Goodman. Why is he different in breaking bad? Yeah he's funny. He's acerbic but he seems like a real scumbag. And where does he get that scumbag? Where does that come from? Because he's such a nice guy and breaking in better call Saul and I got to imagine the stuff with Kim is huge part of the and I don't care about it just as it informs Jimmy. I'm all in on the Kim storyline at this point through her own merit and through the work of Racy Horn. I just. I'm very curious as to what the moment is. It's going to cause her to get sideways with Mesa. Because because the money's really good for Jimmy Right now saul just had his best day ever and like it. Was you know very morally objectionable work that he had to perform. But we know he's going to perform a lot more of it and that money eventually is going to start talking but does that money talk loudly enough if if chemists dylan the picture. I don't know so so it. Would you know it's not like he hasn't kept secrets from her in the past?.

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