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I have three kids who are eleven nine and almost six. And sometimes I need to be a creative. In order interest, my active kids in eating vegetables. Let's face it. Their regular kids am I prefer to eat treats like cookies, chips, crackers, candy, ice, cream, bars, or pizza, and on and on right. But in working in the field of data I learned that those types of foods that can affect long term health or that they can affect long term health. And more than just occasionally. Because of my love for my children I'm. Trying to cook good healthy food for them, even for breakfast. May think it's odd that I don't like to keep box cereal at my house. I think it's odd. Work taking. Good Company. It's not easy though to be honest. Especially now that we are dealing with a corona virus, there is a lot of cooking going on at my house. As a lover of nutrition and wellness, I'm aware of the long term impact, too many treats can have on my kids current and their future blood, sugar levels and cholesterol numbers so I try to cook fun, but healthy meals. One of my tricks to get them to love vegetables is to make Zucchini pancakes. It's the time for Zucchini is. It is I was gifted Zucchini a giant Zucchini a couple of weeks ago so I had to put it to good use. Yeah, I've had there's they're just coming in and the gardens right now, so the perfect time to use them in something other than Zucchini Brad, right? That's full sugar. Yes. That's a common recipe that I here in in the counseling room these days. Yes, so, what these akina! Get pancakes! It's a great way to slip in a few more vegetables into their diet. Before. More of my healthy food tricks let me introduce that other voice. Our Co host Leah Klein Shoot Leah is also a registered and licensed dietician, and she also works two to three days a week. She's also a mom, and she is dedicated to feeding her young son foods. That will help him have good long-term. Now in my adult years, especially, after having children I understand what children eat during childhood affects how healthy they will be as adults. It is often as simple as just making peanut butter, protein balls with mini.

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