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To Erin Donald because he's got the best chance of being unequivocally the best at what he does, and on a team that could make the postseason And do we know the last time quickly going over my head. I have the last defensive player in 1986. So let's But let's stick with that, because there's one other point, then we've got our MBA status update that I want to get too on here. That's relevant to this current NFL season that I didn't remember. And I don't claim to be someone with the depth of NFL experience. Thatyou were tray bring to the table just because I haven't been doing this as long. Bill mentioned in this article threw in there for funds these kickers because in 1982 Washington kicker Marty Moseley found out for the M V P in a sea and to me while that's insane that a kicker won the M V P for a lot of reasons that bill documents even go into a peace that he wrote back in the Grantland days. It's interesting to note what happened in that season relative to this season, right right, because that was a season that wasn't it was strike shortened, but it was strike shortened in the way that this MBA season is short meeting that came in the middle. Right. Uncle Bob was a part of my brother Bob was part of that 82 strike. Yes. So the 82 strike, then started in week two and ended up being a nine week break, essentially nine week break in the middle of the NFL season, And it wasn't like the ones that we saw later that you were a part of where there were replacement players. Seven. We have the four games were up, but they have replaced in place, so they kept going. You know this was a break in there. The end of shortening the season 29 games in the middle. You took off starting in week two when the players struck and that went to about week 11. And all that. They were able to come back and finish said Okay, so we've done this before. It's not unprecedented for an NFL season. If it should come to that. Lord knows we don't want to. But as you look around for that these professional leagues are so differently equipped to handle this in the college leaks, I looked at that went alright. If worst case scenario, we have to err on the side of caution. Would you hope that's the only reason it would be a response. At the very least, the NFL's proven in the past, it was able to do it exactly right and a quick note on the MVP we talked about if Cardinals make it to the playoffs remind that's as far as it could go because the VP is a regular season award. So you have to look at how good that team is. So if the Cardinals say we get a full slate in and they make the playoffs, and they're nine and seven You know, they're won the expanded playoffs there the last team in or something like that. I don't think his chances would be very good that even though he's lifted this team to the planet, which I think he is eventually going to do, and I think statistically, if that happens if it's anything like last year, he could improve on those robbers that were gaudy relative to a rookie. Will be very interesting Got to keep him upright for that to happen. All right. As we mentioned, we got the MBA bubble getting back and get ready to go live scrimmages air starting today before games started the 30th and so we got the cliff notes for all the MBA N ba teams that are getting ready to enter the bubble. We gave you the Nets in our MBA status update earlier. Now, let's get you caught up on what's going with the Washington Wizards. Kulick and window.

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