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Jenny. I love my favorite answer right. I see you want my personal rankings right now or going Natalie. Jeremy Tony's Era Natalie. Jeremy Tony Sarah Okay. All right of course finding very with with us here. A man who has already changed his phone wallpaper to season forty photos. Here is Matt. LA- Gory Matt how are you. This is the hottest cast ever and these pictures today just took my breath away and not make one hottest are every single one of them most the medical i these pictures for great. I'm so excited that we got these today. This is going to be a Lotta Fun. Yeah and we have of course with us a usually we get to talk big brother with him but he's here to talk some survivor. Here is Brent. Walkabout Bredhauer you. I N very psyched to be here. It's fun to just relax accent. Take it easy and talk with the survivors. See this is the best time to talk with me before. The show is started inserts to irritate me. I feel like rob. That's just a general rule. Okay I would say that I was GonNa ask you prefer introduced survivor. Have Annie Liebowitz on location to do all of these press photo. Save Look Amazing. I like the actually put in the money for this because like mad said literally everybody almost everybody looks amazing thing change since the the yeah the multiple fits yeah. It was good. It was really good. Okay so all right. So we'll see how long this show goes before Brent Gets Real Shady and tells us who the worst cast photo. We'll see if we get talking about tonight agency to do the critiques of the photo. We'll do that. That's a couple of weeks. We are going to talk about these four players but of course we want to hear from you that we have our youtube open open. We have or on periscope where on facebook we're on twitch we're streaming live and of course many of you guys are listening to the podcast after the fact if you want to join us for one more roundtable roundtable talking about survivor. I will be back on Monday night with one final panel. We're GONNA talk about all the one time players. Who won in the thirties thirties? That's GonNa be Michelle and Adam and nick in Wendell and Ben Coming up on Monday. Nights have been looking for that and then we will have when you're gonNA miss the Bachelor to podcast survivor early early seven. PM Eastern Four PM Pacific. So we that's beyond look for that so good a good reminder finder Haley on Thursday night. We'll have our final circle round table talking about episodes nine ten eleven twelve of the circle coming up tomorrow tomorrow night. That's going to be at nine PM. Eastern six AM civic. If you want to join us live for that. Had A lot of fun on our circle round tables. The last couple of weeks journey made such an impression on Tim I. He made such an impression on me like just so much. It's always better to even just talk to him like on a podcast. Awed cast besides just watching how amazing he is on the circle Andy. No I'm flattery. Gets you a lot of places in the very fact that that Tim would catfish as me. He's my new favorite person to be starting like almost immediately after that. PODCAST I got. He like liked liked a photo of mine from like a couple months ago. So I took a screen shot. And I'm like he's already scouting. Founded fishing says okay all right matt a Lotta stuff dropped today. Can you give us the rundown of everything that survivor fans were able to check out today. From what what I saw we got. Obviously the Casto's came out today. which for me that was like the most anticipated thing that I cannot wait for CASS photos? It's just you want to see these people like updated pictures you want to see them right before they're about to play the game what they looked like what they're wearing and a lot of them are wearing things pretty similar to what they were last time. which isn't a surprise? But we got that We got a at the beginning the interviews we got the candidate interviews of course Spent a good majority of the day watching some of those and we also got I think just a couple of other interviews news Jeff was talking about the twist and whatnot so a pretty fun day and I don't know why I didn't see it coming because the circles and the way. It was a lot of a lot of stuff today kinda snuck up on us. The Canada has twenty interviews up with the cast. They are linked. The they are real real good interviews around seven in eight minutes each so great place to spend some time as we are getting closer and closer to the premiums are BIOS as well but we also learned today. Some more about the Fire Tokens Dalton. Ross had an interview with Jeff probst. And I'm so excited we have this panel here to explain blamed me I get.

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