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Tens of thousands of America's finest young men and women are ready to defend America with pirates global disaster strikes or when called upon by the commander in chief your baby is there when it comes to protecting and defending America being they're not Erica's maybe is already there the public memorial for NBA great Kobe Bryant begins Monday in Los Angeles the date two twenty four is an homage to the jerseys worn by Bryant and his daughter Deana she wore the number two he wore the number twenty four Afghanistan is now identifying its first case of corona virus while Iran announces its death toll is now up to twelve South Korea meantime is now reporting eight hundred thirty three cases on a total of seven deaths China says total it's total is increased to more than seventy seven thousand cases and it has now postponed its annual legislative meeting because of the outbreak and now the bridal industry is becoming the viruses latest victim boxes to Guzman with more surprised to be here feeling the repercussions of the corona virus outbreak the owner of a chapter bridal boutique in Bakersfield California telling fox to the viral outbreak has led to big shipment delays for fabrics and gallons coming from China that's because of the temporary shutdown of factories industry officials estimating as many as eighty percent of the world's wedding gowns come from China the rest come from such countries as Burma Sri Lanka and Vietnam addresses now at this point delayed at least six weeks that's making many brides anxious the delay slowing down the already snail like pace of wedding gown fittings and custom tailoring that's done so Gusman fox news it's a hidden history a historical blindness about slavery fox's Christine Persichetti the United States has an honor roll of historic places ninety five thousand sites that are important to the story of our country but it seems to ignore slavery the national register of historic places includes famous spots like George Washington's Mount Vernon estate many lesser known plantation homes in the rural south but according to the Associated Press the register entries often ignore the topic of slavery.

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