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It's the old OUIJA board argument right like if there is if there really is a way to contact the afterlife. Is it in a mass produced game by Parker brothers and still no proof if there is a If there is a vast Nafari as citywide or you'll large scale secret human experimentation project. Are they going to name it after one of the people involved? You know what I mean. That's like calling it. That's like Matt Frederick. Having a human sacrifice ring operating in Arabia Mountain in the seventy s and then having a putting out a public notice about Matt Frederick's top secret human sacrifice ring. The sacrifice dash human rewrite or right dot. Org is a nonprofit. So that coincidence while strange with the information we have now. It's tough to call it anything else. And at this point it seems like The majority of people believe that this was a very unfortunate tragic heartbreaking incident that happened completely involving Elisa. Lam on her own. However we would like to know what you think. Are the questions that people will posing Are THEY UTTER. Bunker they malarkey. Is there something more to the story? And while you're at it. A what other unexplained disappearances or deaths would you like us to explore in the future? Let us know what you think and speaking of hearing from you. What did he say guys should we do Shad Kana? Do our first shout out goes to Jacob how also known as Honcho Hunt. Show underscore one is. Is it right that I said that Jacob? I hope so because I did have you. Guys ever looked into U. N. agenda twenty one. Oh yes we have sir. Supposedly quote the naked communist ties in with I had a human growth and development professor that made us watch the documentary agenda grinding. America down Well we have covered agenda twenty one in video form. You find that on our youtube channel or at stuff they don't want you to know dot com the best url in the history of the Internet's and this is this has to do with food production. And there's a lot of stuff that goes into agenda twenty it's characterized as a sustainable As a voluntary action plan for Sustainable Development which means that They're hoping to combat poverty. They're hoping to create a more more legal protection for environmental concerns deforestation biodiversity control pollution etc opponents.

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