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It again, come inside of the market's really focusing on that cash flow side of things controlling our time controlling our money, filling our futures it really controlling our lives is really what it boils down to it. We talk about that a lot. How many times when we meet a student? Somebody comes out. We're asking him what motivates them or what's getting them excited about trading or investing in the market? You know, the responses are always kind of interesting because somebody sometimes you'll have somebody say, oh, yeah. I wanna make a little bit more money. But most of the time the converse. Ends up being. Oh, well, I don't get to spend enough time with my kids or my daughter just had my first grandchild. And here, I am working two jobs. And I want to you know, it always ends up being more that personal motivation not that financial motivation. The thing is is the financial side of it is still the reality. Right. We still need to pay our bills we still want to live a specific lifestyle. We can't just cut some of the finances out because we want to spend more time doing something else. It's all about Larry. And we've talked about this. If you times, Don, I know, you've we even had these conversations that I know you do it in your classes, we talk about multiple streams of income, right? And the difference between the average individual like the average millionaire and how you know we read in a little while ago. The average millionaire has five or six streams of income, but the average individual just has one income and it's their job. Right. And when you only have one income, that's why job J O B stands for just over broke. We're making just enough money not to be able to to quit our jobs when we're looking at generating income, we're looking at cash flow. I always look at okay who generates the most the most cash flow, right who generates. Most income and its businesses bottom line. It is just businesses in businesses on the break. Don said something that I'd love to kick back over to let her share with with you our radio family out there as far as as far as a business type approach to the market and how businesses buy and sell products..

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