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A shotgun position ray williams a chapel hill north carolina the jetway wax board starting thirty nine th on the inside of the road twenty vic parsons from up in toronto canada an amazing performance by parsons yesterday they had a big eighteen car consolation race he won that one and because one car was unable to get out here to start today having crashed in practice three days back vic parsons gets an opportunity to run the world six hundred and the bill seaford car in the thirty eighth starting position is neil soapy castles broken foot and all from charlotte north carolina ready to ride the howard furniture dodge starting thirty seventh on the field is car number seven the belden asphalt mercury from asheville north carolina dean dalton starting thirtysix today the braun racing chevrolet from claremont north carolina richard brown in the thirty fifth position harrisburg north carolina's dodge automobile for frank warren karner seventynine starting thirty four with the world six hundred conver sixty four from charlotte north carolina elmo langley then in thirty third mission car number three from pleasant grove alabama elton jones dale nursery chevrolet the thirty second position is the cisco racing chevrolet from nashville tennessee with david cisco at the keyboard in the thirty first position from alabi north carolina mills air conditioning john and that is john sears ready to go in that dodge car in the thirtieth position kind of pretend from norfolk virginia fifty two year old bill champion the elder statesman of grand national racing in the irl powell ford in the twenty ninth position from cross south carolina the price construction chevrolet of tiny lund starting twentyeight from winston salem north carolina the thermos all chevrolet driver is richard childress in the twenty seventh position from shaw air force base in sumpter south carolina the mccague motel dodge of roy main the twentysix position from porterville california the trucks more car the trucks more forward and it's richard books ready to ramble in the twenty fifth position from inman south carolina in car number forty eight james.

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