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If you missed the first part. It was a lot about Trump in the wall. And we'll any wall be built in Arizona. But let's move on to something that is happening in Glendale. We've talked to governor in you. You made a statement last week about the man who's a police officer in Glendale taste, the guy eleven times when you saw that video what what does your gut tell you? How did how did it make you feel when you saw the video? I was appalled by the video. I was I was shocked, but by the video, and I know a lot about our law enforcement here. And I didn't think it represented the law enforcement that I know in the state of Arizona. So I was coming out of an event at a school. And I was actually asked about it by a reporter. And that was the response that I gave as I want to see the proper investigation because I'm someone that is supportive of law enforcement, very proud of law enforcement in the state of Arizona. Of course, I've got responsibility for the state troopers. I think they're the finest that we. We have to offer an American law enforcement. But when there is a bad actor, I think it should be should be dealt with. And I just wanna make sure that the proper investigation happens. And if there if there is something amiss, if there's something wrong, people should be held accountable. You feel he should be fired. Well, I don't want to speculate because I I do want an expert in investigation on that. I think that it's it's going to happen. But I think we've seen in the last couple of weeks. Have we seen videotape and making too quick of a judgment and videotape when you get the whole story? So I want to see accountability on this. And I think this has been referred to the FBI. I'm certain will do a thorough investigation. And then I think you make the decision I'd due process. You know, governor it's interesting you bring that up because we were disappointed that the MCAA o or the attorney's office Maricopa County didn't reopen the investigation they gave it to the FBI. And I thought when you use the term whitewash this looks like it was a white. Wash investigation. I thought that was a message to the to the attorneys at the over to. Hey, let's look into this again. Instead, they go to the FBI were you disappointed in that? So I wanna make sure I'm right in the fact share, but how I was briefed. As the understanding was the initial investigation was at Glendale. And unless there's a criminal report around an officer because I think this was around civil charges of that it wouldn't be reviewed by the miracle county attorney's office, but I'll leave that to Bill Montgomery in terms of what his decision would be. But whether it's whether it's at miracle county or the FBI you've got an independent agency. That isn't isn't the Glendale PD right to me. I think that we'll find out what the facts are Doug ducey's in studio. Arizona governor. So we've had a couple of bad incidents with police this year. You spoke out about the Glenn Glendale case. Did you say anything about what happened to the Tempe? Kid a fourteen year old that was shot and killed by an officer. Did you speak out about that too? I've never been asked. Like, I said I answer the question about the Glendale situation because I was asked directly about it. I'm aware of what happened in champion. Boy, my heart goes out to that family. I can only imagine in this situation. How they feel my heart is broken in in that situation. You have an opinion on if the cop did the right thing or the wrong thing when he shot the fourteen year old in a back alley. I think these police officers are putting very difficult situations. And I I do trust when there's individual independent investigation. I think that's the only way to deal with these situations. Governor Doug Ducey joins us in studio for his monthly exclusive interview, you also spoke and this was from last year we saw that there's something called immunity of get out of jail free card if you will. Slate of immunity for the legislators down at the state capital. And you said it needs to be repealed in the wake of the public outcry, which you know, we talked about with Paul Moseley from lake havasu city and others who are using this privilege to avoid speeding tickets so on and so forth. It looks like nothing is going to happen with this Bill. I I just don't understand why. Well, I take that back. I do understand. Why are you disappointed? It's not going to be repealed. And are you going to speak to somebody down the legislature going come on this is an antiquated law? It doesn't need to be on the books and people are outraged by it. I don't think anybody in Arizona is above the law, especially the people that make the laws myself included, it's early in the legislative session. What I wanted to do was say, I think we already have too many laws, and too many regulations on the books, and if we can put sunsets or repeal things that are unnecessary archaic or outdated. Let's get rid of them. And I don't think that we need legislative immunity. Have you spoke have you spoken to Representative Bowers? I speak to the speaker, of course, and the president of the Senate, and and all the members I want to be accessible as governor and really every legislative session every budget is a negotiation. I get to set a table and showing a gender in my state of the state, and these are some things that I think are important and things I think also that the citizens would see as important, but see the house speaker told the Arizona Republic that he doesn't like the governor coming here in our house and telling lawmakers that they need new rules. They need to repeal rules. What is this guy? What are we missing that? This guy is saying we don't need to change this. It's outrageous. We already know that we know that people are abusing it. Well, the first the first law that I passed MAC was the American civics act. And if you look at that act, it'll tell you that the legislature is a separate and Coequal branch. That's the respect I show those guys and I'd been able to work with them. But. Some of them. If you look at the video tape of that when I announced let's get rid of legislative immunity somewhere enthusiastic about it. And some not we're not show what we'll see. But we're going to do our best on this. I'll go and knock some heads down there. Yeah. You need to crack skulls. That's what I'm talk. Yeah. Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey in studio on hacienda healthcare. Why is the state is insisting on keeping it open? When when we look at it man from top to bottom, there were major problems. Do you want it shut down? Do you want the state to keep it open? This. There are major problems at hacienda health care. The reason we wanna keep it openness because our first concern is the care of the people inside hacienda healthcare. Some of them are incredibly developmentally disabled, and they've been there since they were three years old. Now twenty seven years old this this is their home. So what we want to make certain is that we've got the proper oversight from the state that they bring in a new management group that the board is replaced, but our care first and foremost is for the people that are inside hacienda. And we've also been communicating with their families. They do not want to move their loved ones. They want to have good care inside. Hacienda. Bill after what happened still after what happened? We're talking about people that are oftentimes Gaydos in such a fragile situation. And like, I said this has been their home. They've lived there for decades that they would rather just see the proper care and oversight. And that's something that the state is going to continue to be as aggressive as possible. I just wonder if it is broken and cannot be fixed from the top down, and so many stories about cover ups and don't tell us if a patient is ill. And if you do that, we'll pay you a bonus the CEO. Yeah. I'd love to get hold of the CEO and put them on the air because he's as cowardly as anybody. I've ever I've ever seen running away from the situation. Just to me, it seems broken. And I totally get what you're saying. It is their home. But could there be a better home for them? Move them into somewhere that is not corrupt from top to bottom. It is broken. And that's why I want to fire the senior management and remove the board. I think we've got good hard employees in there that want to do the right thing. But this has just been terrible leadership terrible management and terrible oversight. And so that's my first preference. Of course, we have other options, but we've been working directly with the families to try to accommodate them. And what their needs are with the care. I for the patients governor Doug Ducey for his monthly exclusive interview as always governor. Thank you so much, and we'll talk to you next month. Thanks for having me. She next month. Thanks governor. All right. Mac. You know, what time it is? Yeah. Cracking skulls. No now, it's time for a pop quiz. So we've talked for three hours and forty five minutes about the news. Let's see if you know the news six zero two two seven seven five eight two seven call us for a pop quiz next. 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