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You you have to consider as is often start cool ball wide receiver what do you think six or seven wideouts do you think they carry sixty think they'll go seven dot only they go seven okay so six and off guy yeah i would think fix it you know why don't wide her top and left and and uh you know here's six their seventh wide receiver you better do something on special teams unusually on special teams you want more tied in linebackers running back big boys yeah here yeah those are your core guide ripe as a lot easier one you on the you can and planning a core guy and also optimal out of their wiped shoes are are smaller doc off smaller quick protects the guys who aren't necessarily be running down naccache often taken on the way in and tackling the to kick returner so you know they an and and how many small guys the heat uh you know you have bolden yep yep trent taylor and you have german curley um you know ththe trees or the same types that guys unless somebody really pops out and proved himself to be really really special then leaky uh i think picked up alden intent taylor might be on a competing for the same spot um you know there have teams that have done another app teams that have been pretty diminutive uh you know the redskins waved back in the '70s and '80s you know smurfs they get it at they had art monk who is the paper i yeah and and and wall who got most of the most of their reception so uh you know i can you do that can help here are sonnen among small guys navy but yet it at the old eastern to help you there yeah because the way i'm looking at if you carry six i think guards on good win curly in probably trent taylor emmys at a good camp was he a fifth round pig i mean i think those four are making it book robinson and born have both made plays uh i think smelters a he's a goner unfortunately then you got the veteran lewis murphy in there as well as the guy that's seen accident nfl games on sundays and an perform so but again he's not exactly a big guy either so i mean if you one one side.

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