Jay Fiedler, Phil Lord, Chris Brockman discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


What I'm saying so what I wouldn't normally think that you'd want to take a swing at one of those so it's always like dolphins an idea Phil what I'm telling you trust the process that's going to be fine it's a long he's trying to win he's also and I really like you guys I know well we we start with guys and we were big Jay fiedler fans so we were there they were down forced touchdowns and going in towards a quarter in the snow say one what did what did Jay fiedler big man on campus on Dartmouth look like did he stroll around like the cock of the walk on acid he looked like him and he was pretty mild manner how come you did not get him in your fantasy team we did do days keeping the quarterback of the Russell Wilson and we've got the New England defense and those night. If you wouldn't mind just sitting here Phil Lord and Chris Miller Chris Brockman I've never opened residual checks we have a guest sitting to my right who perhaps have have put a residual check on and bow as you know I did twenty two jump street that's right that's why you're the film was as successful as it was twenty two jump street it's entirely possible let's go glances killing the only thing they could come come even in the neighbors we have David Caruso guests and I opened a a CSI Miami check that's the only thing that comes close to that good to see you guys thank you for being back we'll do that and when we return for the Radio Audience Chris Brockman Niki Good Games hopefully we'll go as well as pick for Thursday night football last night that's next on the rich Eisen.

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