John Zmirak: Ketanji Brown Jackson Represents Dem Values Perfectly


But right now I'm doing a radio show with our friend, John zamick. John, can we change the channel to talk about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings that are going on right now? Yeah, I've got another piece of the stream. She's not to want to broadly, but she'll do. Tangy Brown Jackson represents Democrat values perfectly. Now, by the way, this piece is so sarcastic. I want to warn people that the level of sarcasm, this is the one. Yeah. Yeah, this is the one where you go out so far on a limb that they're going to people are not going to understand that you're being sarcastic, but please continue, my friend. Right, thank you. Well, when justice Breyer announced he was going to retire. And we knew that the secret committee formerly known as Joe Biden would have a chance to pick a Supreme Court Justice. I immediately came forward with a few arguments. So I said, first of all, I want to make it clear that whoever the secret committee nominates sexually molested me at some point during the 1980s. At the party. You know, it's going to take time. It might have been a party. It was a son. It was a major I'm pretty sure I was there. Yeah, it was Evan though. Even though it was a one story house, I believe this happened upstairs. And I was downstairs while this stuff was going on upstairs. I can't believe you're remembering it as vaguely as I am. It's amazing. It must be true. Yeah, yeah, it was somewhere in a major city in the eastern states on the eastern seaboard at some point in the 1980s. And I was willing to fill in more details once, you know, once Biden announced the person's actual name. Then it became clear that this was going to be a quota pick. This is going to be bean county. And it was going to be a black woman. And we knew it wasn't going to be Janice Rogers Brown. It was a pro life brilliant evangelical happens to be a black woman. That's someone Joe Biden, filibuster. To keep from getting aboard into a federal court. We knew it was going to be some kind of radical leftist. Well, I came forward and I had another suggestion. I thought that to really make clear that this was about racial justice and gender justice. They should pick a candidate who didn't check any of the old old timey elitist boxes like having been a judge or a lawyer or having passed the bar. They should pick someone for whom justice was the main criterion. So I suggested that to want to broly be appointed.

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