Facebook Fact Checkers Are Now Marking Posts Made a Year Ago


They went in fact checked the post from a year ago about a COVID post that I made That was largely true The information has since was updated later Now to be fair I put an update on the post because I don't want inaccurate data to do but they want in fact check the post for a year ago knowing the information had been updated but knowing there was no way to know that information at the time You get what they did Now why did they do that It's like them go here's the statement example of how egregious what they did is And I'll tell you why they did it in a minute This is how disgusting fake book in these fact checkers are My page and Ben Shapiro are the two leading conservative pages in the country It's not a brag it's just a fact We get a lot of traffic It drives fake book nuts There is nothing they want more than to make my page go away because of its popularity because you go and share it They are been trying forever with relentless fact checks every day Now their entire Facebook $1 trillion company army They still can't make it go away because they can never prove I say anything is false but here's their new trick It's like me and Jim having a conversation that mets are playing pretty good right now I know that because Jim drives me crazy with his mets updates I don't care about every day But because I love him I pretend I'm interested If Jim were to say to me right now on the air Dan the mets are definitely gonna win the World Series right Now we don't know because the World Series isn't until October right I don't know if they delay it with the strike but Bobby October right Okay So the World Series in October What fake book does now to attack my page Is they go back after the World Series is over and they fact check Jim say no no no no may such and such Jim said the mets would win Folks that's what they do

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