Ukraine Has Repelled Russia's Attempt to Cross Donbas River


There is a story in the telegraph of Great Britain today. An entire battalion and again, I am not, I'm a civilian civilian, meaning I don't even know how to spell civilian, much less anything going on in the army. And the Russian army. But I know that when a battalion gets wiped out, trying to cross a river, that's not good for morale. So they tried to cross the river. It's in the telegraph, I tweeted it out. You should be following me on Twitter. And they got pushed back 20 clicks from 30 clicks, which in my mind I quickly estimate to be about 18 miles because the ten K is 6.2 miles and so 30 clicks must be about 18.6 miles. So Ukraine's are pushing back the Russians all over the place. They're in a static front in the Donbass, which is, you know, I couldn't draw the Donbass on a map. I know where Ukraine and Russia is, but it's part of Ukraine. And I couldn't get it right now where it is roughly. It doesn't get to Odessa. And only a part not a God, this is from the financial time. Military briefing can Ukraine push the Russian army from the country. Even that being written is something that's extraordinary.

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