Ryan Helfenbein: The Extremes of Sexuality Is Being Pushed Leftward


About what's actually happening, you've probably talked about this on your program, the overton window, where sort of the extremes in our culture of sexuality is continuing to be pushed in a leftward direction. And I don't mean liberal. I mean left, right? Where it no longer even represents humanity. I mean, it goes way beyond the pale. The idea is deconstruction, really at the end of the day, if you have a society that is a sexless society. If you have a society that has taken puberty blockers, had breast removed, as actually surgically has harmed themselves, scarred themselves. This is a generation that becomes the shock troops of a cultural revolution that brings the country beyond the brink of recovery. We can not come back from that. Perceptive friend of mine who was noticing these things. His name is rod Martin. He said, look, you look at a generation and you say, this is back in the 1960s. Get them to hate mom and dad, right? Protest movement. Eventually, though, what happens? They get married. They have kids of their own. And then they realize, aha, mom and dad, we're not that dumb, right? If you get a generation, though, Eric, to hate themselves, they destroy their own bodies, there is no way to come back from that. They never experienced the joy of marriage, they never experienced the joy of children, right? Like irreparably harmed. I mean, but by the grace of God, the only way is Jesus saves, right? So culturally, people are so scarring maligning all of that to where there is no way to bring that back. That's what's happening though. It's sort of the fertile fallacy that's being planted in education at 5, 6, 7, 8. You go all the way back to Stalin, give me your children for four years, right? It's literally that thing. If they can start that early and create enough confusion in children, they'll never be a part of their parents forever. And that is when

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