How Should Elites Treat Their Country?


Treat their country? How should the people in charge of their country and the economic elites or in cultural institutions or in the movies or in any form of power? How should they treat their country? Well, a hundred years ago, Carnegie Mellon and chase, they were some of the wealthiest people ever in the history of the planet. Now there is no doubt that they were powerful and that they had wealth, but they used that wealth largely to try and preserve America, build hospitals, libraries, build YMCAs, build things that actually helped the well-being of the nation. They wanted a strong America. Now, over the last couple of years, a common lament from this program has been the fact that the people who are in charge of our country, the wealthiest people, are involved in this pattern of self hatred. They're engaged in this relentless pattern of not doing what's best for the country of engaging in ideas for the World Economic Forum, the suppression of free speech, woke ideology, the suffocation of the individual, we have talked about how people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and George Soros and the Google people and the Louis Vuitton guy. They seem to be so fixated on using their unlimited wealth to do things that actually hurt the cause of liberty. Not help the cause of liberty. That hurt the strength of America and weaken America. This has seemed to be almost overwhelming, especially the last couple of years. We've been complaining about how AstraZeneca Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. They cooperate with Fauci and the FDA and Bill Gates and it seems like the elites have it all figured out. That they always have each other's back and basically the only thing that we have left is the truth, which matters and common everyday people fighting for that. We felt outnumbered and for good reason. We turn around and we

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